With local initiatives such as the “trash challenge” or beach clean-up projects, everyone can contribute to a better environment when it comes to transportation, the use of energy, palm oil, and plastic.

LONDON, ENGLAND, April 12, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — New study by oponeo.co.uk reveals the latest environmental issues and provides workable solutions that can be adopted in everyday life. With another Earth Day just round the corner, the publication comes in handy with factual insights into eco problems and future prospects for a cleaner future.

The study takes the form of an article with 4 shareable infographics presenting transportation, use of energy, plastic and unsustainable palm oil. Each infographic is clearly divided into 3 sections:

1) Environmental problems in facts and figures
2) Promising news and predictions
3) Actionable tips for everyone

The issues presented can be linked to rash exploitation of natural resources or energy as well as purposeful destruction and mindless consumerism. The predictions are based on most recent positive changes in production policies or consumer behaviours. The last part is an important call for action so that everyone can contribute to building a better environment.

Below there is a breakdown of the key negative and positive facts shown by sector.

The automotive industry contributes between 15 and 25% of all gas emissions
Fossil-fuelled cars are going to be phased out

37% of electricity comes from coal burning power plants
By 2030, community energy generation should constitute more than 50% of the energy mix

There is now 70kg of plastic per every square km of the sea bed
Cars are the most recycled consumer product in the world today

Palm oil
Over 50% of palm oil imported to Europe goes to biodiesel tanks
The growing pressures oblige palm oil market players to go sustainable

For more details, see the full publication here.

Any data and graphics can be used in full or in part with relevant, clickable reference.

Let’s #doittogether and celebrate Earth Day every day.

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