ReductionTech of Kamloops has already proven the technology on 2 other gases and uses ordinary air to make hydroxyl radicals, which are normally mother nature’s silver bullet for pollution but they are overwhelmed in urban centers everywhere now.

KAMLOOPS, BC, October 03, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — “The problem is that the hydroxyl is very overwhelmed by all of our modern pollution, and now methane is a particularly bad threat as it increasingly leaks from rapidly melting permafrost that could send humanity towards irreversible extinction. ReductonTech wants its technology ready and operating to destroy historical emissions and to be ready in the event that warming continues to accelerate- the warming shows no signs of slowing down so we are scaling as quickly as possible, now that everyone has seen the climate collapse reality arrive,” says Viva Cundliffe, CEO and Founder.

ReductionTech is already 90% funded for its 4 year pilot project scale up, and is presently seeking $44,000 of crowdfunded carbon offset sales to complete the first phase of private funding. Normally companies need to ask for 50% of the funding but their university partnership is very proactive.

Our carbon offsets are for sale for $20/Tonne. The average Canadian emits 9.4 tonnes of CO2 a year, so if they want to literally remove their emitted greenhouse gases, they can come over to and make a purchase that will begin to undo their impact, in addition to all of the other efforts they are making. This will kick-start the needed 4 year pilot project.

The company has presented to City sustainability officials, advising them that scaled hydroxyl release will begin to protect their assets against climate damages for their communities and citizens. The technology can be configured to help with air quality as well but the main push is to remove greenhouse gases. All industrial fossil fuel polluters can also benefit from buying ReductionTech offsets. People can go to to learn more and make a real difference to the climate collapse and their own impact. Founder Viva Cundliffe is a Nobel Prize Nominee for Chemistry work she has performed with this technology, and is the technology designer. Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops is the main pilot project partner and co-funder. The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) at UVIC is also a planned project partner.

ReductionTech is a trademark of GC Green Carbon Inc., a privately held corporation which has been working to offset climate change with its hydroxyl dispersal technology solution. It is crowdfunding the last 10% of its pilot project costs by pre-selling carbon offsets for $20/ Tonne.

Its web site tells you about the technology and some of the markets we are going to serve. “Have a look around and seriously consider purchasing some carbon offsets from us so that we can respond to the climate emergency in a timely manner as time is NOT on our side in this emergency. Our hydroxyl removes, CO2, Methane, refrigerant GHGs and all short-lived climate pollutants. It will be the fastest way known to bring these GHG levels down as a group,” says Viva Cundliffe.

Endorsements of GC Green Carbon Reduction Tech:

Dr. Peter Wadhams, Professor Emeritus of Cambridge University, who said that “the science is radical and important”, Andrew Ross, P Eng, Innovex Engineering, who said “exciting and technically sound”, and Dr. Kingsley Donkor, Professor, Thompson Rivers University, who said “the science merits inclusion in more text books”, “Relevant”, Stephen Brydon, Climate Change Strategy Branch, Province of BC.

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