The first one in the world for robo-delivery

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, July 28, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Sustainable Mobility is one of the main factor of intelligent and better city in the future. Giant companies and small start-ups are all making their effort to create new solutions for it. In June, Montreal, A metal 3D-printed by-wire chassis, produced by a self-driving start-up called PIX Moving based in Silicon Valley and China, unveiled at Michelin Movin’On Summit 2019. This is the first such product in the world with the design of automatic separation between delivery cabin and metal 3D-printed chassis.

Michelin Movin’On Summit is a world summit on sustainable mobility, whose objective is to move from ambition to action. It explores new and actionable solutions to address global challenges that will define the future of mobility.

As a self-driving startup dedicated to creating the best robo-delivery solution and rebuilding the cities with autonomous mobility, PIX was selected within the themes of Innovative Technologies and Good Transportation & Multimodality for Movin’On Summit 2019. PIX builds robo-vehicle that consists of multi-functional pod and self-driving chassis to provide full-stacked solution integrated with self-driving software and hardware for various industries such as logistics, retailing, real estate and tourism. With modular design and innovative manufacturing approach, PIX provide solutions for robo-delivery first, and then integrates living, working and entertainment spaces on all kinds of robo-vehicles, making spaces connected, sharable and on-demand. The vision and future PIX hope to build echoed the essence of the event: using innovative new technology to bring new possibilities to future mobility.

Through Generative design and Additive manufacturing, the chassis printed in one-piece came with more stiffness, fewer parts and less weight, significantly reducing the manufacturing costs, with these features:
* In-built Drive-by-wire System: Easy modification for fully autonomous driving
* Flexible Control: 4 wheel steering system and the 4-wheel-driven hub motors
* Automatic separation: The cabin and chassis is designed to be detached automatically
* Electric power: Eco and sustainable development

Visitors of the summit were amazed by the pod+chassis approach of how PIX reimagine autonomous driving for city services, creating Mobility-as-a-Service to sustainable development. The whole startup show & tell in the two and a half days was full of meaningful connections and networking, surrounded by visionary attendees who were actually passionate about innovative technologies and who held the similar insight and belief towards sustainable mobility solutions as PIX.

With the effort made by companies like Michelin and PIX, we can expect that the robo-delivery car can be deployed in scale soon and more and more exciting mobility solutions will be created.

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