Shaker Gilbert, founder and inventor of VuWing travel cell phone holder, has invested considerable time and money into researching the causes of “Text Neck” and how his product might help alleviate it.

BRISTOW, VA, April 25, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Text Neck is a condition that has the potential to negatively impact over half of American smart phone users, according to the Washington Postʼs article on the subject. Young adults are most prone to the condition, due to the extended periods of time they spend on their mobile devices. Medical doctors familiar with the condition say that Text Neck can reduce lung capacity, cause frequent headaches, create vision problems, and neurological issues. The solution to Text Neck? According to experts, the answer can be as simple as not hunching over to look at your phone.

Gilbert created his gadget to address the issue of Text Neck. According to his research, VuWing elevates mobile devices while traveling, which keeps the neck and spine better aligned while watching movies, videos, or other media on a mobile device. VuWing can be used by people of all ages, and it fits all phone sizes and shapes. While it wonʼt combat phone related medical issues on its own, it might alleviate a large portion of it for travelers and commuters using smart phones on public transportation.

The company will make their debut launch on the crowdfunding website on May 17, 2019. The launch comes after much preparation, trial and error. Many iterations were conceived during the process, including several more complicated prototypes. In the end, however, the inventor decided to go with a simple design thatʼs easy to use and travel with.

Gilbert and his team are determined to have the travel accessory manufactured in the United States while keeping the price reasonable for all consumers. That hasn’t proven to be an easy task. Though most Americans say they prefer USA made products, and there is a push from President Trump to make and buy American made, itʼs not a simple process for start-ups requiring smaller production numbers. “The largest challenge we had trying to launch this product was getting a USA manufacturer to work with a crowd funding project,” says Gilbert. “Many US manufacturers donʼt want to get involved producing something that is unknown or in a small quantity. This drives the cost to produce up which in turn takes a toll on a small, struggling start-up,” he stated.

The planned selling price of $20.00 per unit will be discounted to $15.00 for a brief time for early adopters. For those interested in early access to VuWing, you can sign-up on the VuWing product page.

VuWing is the brainchild of Shaker Gilbert, a frequent traveler who takes his phone everywhere he goes. VuWingʼs goal is to use its products to create a simplified and comfortable travel experience for all cell phone users.

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