Why Pay Extra? At Virginia & West Virginia Vacation Rentals there are No Booking Fees!

NORFOLK, VA, April 25, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Today’s Savvy Travelers understand that using the “Big Guy” sites for booking vacation rentals gets expensive fast when they get have to pay a “Booking Fee.”

“We frequently get calls from Travelers asking about the houses and cabins on Virginia & West Virginia Vacation Rentals,” said Bunnie Riedel, President. “They call because the Big Sites charge a Booking Fee of 15% to 20%, on top of the rental rate. We don’t do that. Why would anyone charge you a hefty fee just for using your computer?”

Virginia & West Virginia Vacation Rentals (www.VAvacationrentals.com) was started as an alternative to the Big Listing Sites. For vacation rental owners, there’s a flat fee to list their homes and cabins; and for guests, there are no fees except what they pay the vacation rental owner.

“The ‘No Booking Fees’ message is beginning to resonate,” said Riedel. “More and more travelers are looking for alternative No Fee sites like ours (www.VAvacationrentals.com). And now we’ve added a ‘Savings Calculator’ to our site so guests can see how much they will save.”

The “Savings Calculator” works automatically when a guest asks for an “Instant Quote.” They get the quote for the rent, taxes and any other fees by the vacation rental owner, so they can see exactly what they will be paying. Below that quote is the calculation of savings of what they would have paid in Booking Fees using the Big Guy sites. That savings can pay for a nice dinner out, tickets to an amusement park, a rental car or a flight.

“Or it could be a saved for the next vacation,” said Riedel. “Most people work all year to save up for a nice getaway with family and friends. That money and time is precious and there’s no reason to add on unnecessary Booking Fees when the Big listing sites already charge the vacation rental owners a hefty fee to list.”

Recently, one of the large companies told vacation rental owners to “raise their rent” in order to hide the Booking Fee from the travelers. “That’s a Bait and Switch,” said Riedel, “Virginia & West Virginia Vacation Rentals would never do that.”

To learn more about Virginia & West Virginia Vacation Rentals go to www.VAvacationrentals.com.

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