NEW YORK, NY, August 27, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — With over 721 thousand followers, Luxintravels is one of Instagram’s most famous luxury travel pages, dedicated to showing it’s followers the most exclusive destinations around the world.

Mirko La Rosa is a top luxury hotel influencer, and owner of Luxintravels. In August 2017, Mirko was sitting on the sofa with his girlfriend, scrolling through Instagram when he saw someone that immediately caught his attention, Timothy Sykes. Sykes is a trader and also sells online courses to teach people how to trade. He also promotes the laptop lifestyle, travelling while staying in the best resorts in the world. “In that exact moment he was in Bali, Indonesia, in a hotel called “Hanging Gardens of Bali”. The hotel is marvelous, one of the best infinity pools ever seen (and trust me, I have seen tons of them),” he recalls. Of course the hotel was extremely expensive. One night at Hanging Gardens of Bali could cost you 1000$+, and at the time, Mirko did not have that kind of money.

Mirko took a plane anyway and went to Bali. He rented an apartment for 60 dollars a day. He then called visited the Hanging Gardens of Bali hotel. Mirko paid 600 dollars for entrance to the pool. He took a picture exactly like Timothy’s and sent it to him. Timothy opened his DM and even reposted Mirko’s picture. From then on, Mirko’s girlfriend said to him, “Mirko, you have paid a lot for this hotel, but you are great at growing pages. Why don’t you just build a travel pages so we are actually able to go to all these expensive hotels without paying?” From that moment, Mirko decided to start Luxintravels to share with his followers some of the best locations across the world.

When Mirko decided to start Luxintravels, he asked himself one question, “How can I travel the world and stay in the best resorts for free”? For Mirko, asking questions are and important part of starting a business. When his girlfriend asked Mirko that question over two years ago, it sparked something in him and led him to some of the most luxurious places around the world.

With over two years of experience, and traveling multiple times a month to the most luxurious hotels around the world, Luxintravels has no competition when it comes to offering the best possible reviews. Their unique expertise combined with their media coverage, 720 thousand followers on Instagram, gives their review a major distinction.

Luxintravels takes its followers through places like Greece, Italy, and Indonesia to name a few. Dedicated to sharing the beauty and luxury of some of the most prestigious hotels around the world, Mirko is working on expanding the website and making sure Luxintravels offers its followers the best experience possible.

When Mirko started Luxintravels, his main goal was to share one of the highest passions of humankind: to discover new places. This passion of his has now grown into one of the most highly respected Instagram travel pages. It is the perfect place to inspire your next trip around the world.

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