Visit Argentina Launches “Mars in Puna” Campaign

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA, August 08, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — For all this and more, “Mars in Puna” is an initiative that invites everybody to get to know the different scenarios and natural wonders of the whole region in a unique way, where the tools, machinery and projects that are being designed and developed to be able to live in space and set foot on Mars add to this unique context. The Puna offers mountain ranges and volcanoes that rise over 6,000 meters above sea level, with endorheic basins that give birth to large lagoons such as Pozuelos, and numerous salt flats such as Salinas Grandes and Olaroz in the province of Jujuy, and Arizaro and Pocitos in the province of Salta.

The north of Argentina is a synonym for color and tradition, where provinces such as Salta and Jujuy offer landscapes that literally look like scenes from another planet. Sites like Quebrada de Humahuaca have even been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Puna is the heart of the region, a Quechua name that means ‘region of height’, a place where the land and the sky look for each other in every spot.

Puna’s incredible topography not only offers a natural landscape but also leads visitors to feel as if they were walking on Mars, unaware of whether they are on the Red Planet or on Argentina’s red soil.

“Mars in Puna” has the support and the participation of The Mars Society Argentina (TMSA), through which it achieves a sort of NASA stamp. The provinces of Jujuy and Salta join the space work that is carried out in places such as Utah (United States) and Devon Island (Canada).

In addition, the action has the participation of Dr. María Eugenia Farías, scientist from the CONICET (National Council of Scientific and Technical Research) and specialist in environmental microbiology, who works in connection with Puna’s extreme microbial ecosystems to design preservation strategies as well as strategies for the determination of ecosystem services with application to the environment.

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