During a major service outage. Kapture CRM’s master ticketing module saves multiple calls and queries under a master ticket. Thus SLAs can be saved, escalations can be minimised, and service teams can handle outages smoothly.

CORAL SPRINGS, FL, April 11, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Kapture CRM now can help conglomerates dealing with a large volume of tickets manage unplanned service outages with a simple sub ticketing module. The new feature can prevent undue SLA escalations from occurring by creating a master outage ticket that collects all queries related to the incident under a single ticket.

While multiple calls and tickets related to breakdowns can drastically affect support related reports and statistics – bringing all these queries under a single thread will help companies maintain their SLA’S, first call resolutions and average call handle times.

As soon as an outage breaks out, a message is flashed across the CRM home Dashboard. Administrators can then simply click the message to create a sub ticket. Once this happens a customer 360-degree profile is auto created, from where all further tickets from customers affected by the outage arrive into this master ticket profile.

Outage Reports can be generated separately to help in the root cause analysis of the breakdown as well. All incoming tickets under the master ticket are automatically marked as high priority tickets and have a SLA period of four hours within which the agent must close the ticket or else it gets rerouted to higher management.

Kapture CRM’S ticket management system is implemented by companies that resolve multiple tickets every minute. The omnichannel ticket inbox helps agents respond to queries from multiple platforms including phone calls, emails, chats and social websites from a unified thread. Queries from the same customers arriving from the different platform are collected into a single thread and continue to file in here until the agents close the ticket.

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