Gamified Solutions Motivate Millennials by Appealing to their Hearts and Minds

CUPERTINO, CA, October 18, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Q2E (Quest to Excel) announced today that they have been awarded a U.S. Patent for gamifying project management—a key factor in driving behaviors that enable businesses to execute strategies and drive change.

The patent covers the gamification of project management, which uses gaming elements in a business context to drive user engagement and motivate the desired action. It’s an important behavioral motivator for the growing Millennial and Gen-X workforce, and analysts estimate that the global gamification market will grow by $17.6 billion by 2023*.

“You have to appeal to the hearts and minds of the workforce to motivate change, and people—especially Millennials—respond to gamification because it engages both the intellect and emotions,” said Mahesh Rao, Founder and CEO of Q2E. “Gamification solves one of CEOs toughest ongoing dilemmas, which is how to get thousands of employees or partners to align with their strategic journey.”

Q2E’s patented solution is a customizable platform that enables companies to integrate a process that gives points and rewards for completing tasks and milestones. It creates an intellectually and emotionally engaging way for people to compete with each other, in groups or teams, and with their own past performance.

One of Q2Es’ customers, a Fortune 100 company, has seen dramatic results with Q2E’s unique gamification approach. A few months after implementing Q2E, employees were already highly invested in the points they were accruing to achieve the goals set forward. In fact, they were so engaged that many team members were proactively working on learning and improving so they could be at the top of the leaderboard.

A History of Patents: 15 Approved Plus Two Pending
Mahesh Rao has a strong track record of patenting technology solutions. He was awarded the Japanese Government’s Most Valuable Patent Award in 2005. To date, he has authored 17 US and international patents in total, two of which are pending.

Interview Opportunity
To schedule an interview with Mahesh Rao, contact Ellen Pensky at [email protected] or 925.699.7921

*Business wire, The Global Gamification Market, Technavio, 2019

Q2E began with the mission to develop simple, innovative solutions that allow companies to engage, measure and scale their sales through their partner ecosystem.

In addition to their platform, the company has several packaged solutions that use Guided Journeys to solve businesses’ biggest problem: How to enable digital transformation by making complex processes easier to manage.

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