Built on Guided Journeys, the Solutions Enable Digital Transformation by Making Complex Processes Easier to Manage

CUPERTINO, CA, September 26, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Q2E (Quest to Excel) announced today that they have created solutions to solve one of businesses’ biggest problems: to enable digital transformation by making complex processes easier to manage.

“We interviewed hundreds of senior level executives in Fortune 500 companies and learned that their biggest issue is not creating strategies. It is the execution of complex processes and visibility into the execution,” said Q2E Founder Mahesh Rao. “It’s why I started Q2E.”

Guided Journeys dynamically deliver the right information to the right people at the right time, so it’s clear what needs to be done and when, even in constantly changing circumstances.

“We’ve digitized the process,” said Rao. “Q2E brings together project management, workflow and business intelligence into a solution that dynamically adapts to constantly changing needs so that teams can successfully execute.”

Actionable Intelligence and End-End Visibility
Customers use Q2E’s platform to build customized Guided Journeys, automating workflows across the enterprise and beyond to include partners, vendors and customers, as needed.

Q2E overlays business data and process data—both of which are needed to create actionable intelligence and make better business decisions.

The Guided Journeys are persona-based and designed to dynamically adapt to individual roles and change as decisions are being made. Q2E also delivers end-to-end visibility: Guided Journeys can be shared, so managers can see how individuals are performing, how long a process takes, the expenses incurred, and where delays are happening so they can make constant improvements.

Customer Onboarding
Onboarding new customers is not only complex, but critically important to increasing customer retention and reducing churn. Here are a few ways Q2E enables companies to meet their onboarding challenges:
• Makes it easier to coordinate cross functional internal teams and partners so they can be more proactive
• Defines and measures key metrics and monitors progress in real-time
• Speeds the onboarding process and improves the customer experience
• Reduces churn

Vendor Incentive Management
Many reseller organizations struggle to manage vendor incentives, especially when dealing with dozens of vendors and hundreds of solutions. Here are some of the ways Q2E helps companies manage vendor incentives:
• Serves as a single source of truth for all incentives
• Provides insight so they can prioritize incentives that maximize ROI
• Improves the ability to focus limited resources on the right programs
• Optimizes decision making by more effectively communicating incentive information
• Holds internal teams accountable for executing funding plans

Interview Opportunity
Q2E Founder Mahesh Rao holds fourteen U.S. and international patents and in 2005, was awarded the Japanese Government’s Most Valuable Patent Award. He is also the author of Front Runners: Lap Your Competition with 10 Game-changing Strategies for Total Business Transformation.

To schedule an interview with Mahesh Rao, contact Ellen Pensky at [email protected] or 925.699.7921

Q2E began with the mission to develop simple, innovative solutions that allow companies to engage, measure and scale their sales through their partner ecosystem.

In addition to their platform, the company has several packaged solutions that use Guided Journeys to solve businesses’ biggest problem: How to enable digital transformation by making complex processes easier to manage.

The Resellers’ Vendor Incentive Management solution shines a light on managing vendor incentives in complex, multi-partner environments, through actionable intelligence. The Customer Onboarding solution enables faster and more successful onboarding through a digital high touch experience whether product is sold through the channel or directly to the customer.

For more information, visit: https://www.q2e.com/

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