Digital Visibility delivers real-time business insights, security activities, and energy usage to business owners managing multiple locations

PHOENIX, AZ, August 06, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Digital Commercial Systems launches Digital Visibility to provide a new level of security, automation, and insight to Phoenix-area small businesses. Delivered via a mobile app and online portal, Digital Visibility provides small business owners with the ability to remotely monitor, modify, and control how their locations operate.

After years of designing and implementing “Smart Homes” for residential clients and Advanced Security solutions for local businesses, Digital has combined that experience to build “Smart Business” solutions for small businesses.

Smart Business
A Smart Business is similar to a Smart Home, but it requires commercial-grade hardware and a more robust software platform,” said Jeff Beall, President of Digital. “Scalability is the most significant difference in the software. Our small business clients need the ability to manage multiple locations, support hundreds of users and stream video from more cameras than we would ever install in a single house.”

Digital Visibility
The Digital Visibility platform integrates many aspects of a small business including security, access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, door locks, heating/cooling, refrigeration, and lighting. The system (powered by for Business) automatically triggers alerts based on automation rules, sends notifications when it recognizes unusual activity, and generates reports to help identify valuable business trends.

Fully Customizable
Providing small business owners with increased operational visibility leads to better control, improved situational awareness, more reliable data, smarter decisions, and quicker response. The Digital Visibility solution is fully customizable and can be configured to meet the specific business requirements of restaurants, retail stores, offices, and multi-tenant properties. Businesses can start small and increase the system’s functionality over time.

“When you consider the amount of data that your security system captures about your business, it only makes sense to analyze it for trends and actionable insights,” said Beall. “Statistics like how many times your front door opens during a sales promotion can be extremely valuable. Especially when it doesn’t align with the sales data for the same period. Everything is time-stamped so it’s easy to jump to a specific moment in time on the surveillance video to identify the issue. This video timeline feature is also handy when you receive an unexpected activity notification or an intrusion alert. You can quickly see what’s going on without having to be there.”

Existing Security Systems
Most small businesses have an existing security system for insurance purposes, some may have video surveillance, but very few have total visibility of their business from their mobile device. Many existing small business security systems can be integrated into the Digital Visibility platform. Contact Digital at 602-224-9100 to request a Free Assessment of your existing security infrastructure or visit for more information.

About Digital Commercial Systems
Founded in 2004, Digital assists architects, general contractors, developers and business owners with the design, integration, installation, support, and monitoring of commercial audio, visual and security systems throughout Arizona. We specialize in access control, video surveillance, automation, and structure cabling for retail, restaurants, offices, self-storage facilities, multifamily properties, and light industrial buildings. Our project teams are committed to excellence, licensed, bonded and insured. We’re experts at building technology.

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