FreeMii Launches Free Unlimited Internet, Voice and SMS for members on all major networks.

NEW YORK, NY, May 27, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — FreeMii, Inc. launches its SIM Membership offering unlimited wireless for free to its members on their network of preference.

After two years of continued development, FreeMii (Pronounce “Free-Me”) – the now New York City based startup, is delivering high-speed data, voice and sms texting to all of its members at no monthly cost. The company first announced the pilot project in 2017 as an initiative to provide no cost wifi and cellular services to schools in Central Pennsylvania. Now FreeMii is leveraging a whole new approach to wireless by building an online community to drive growth and engagement in the consumer space.

The service is offered at no monthly or annual cost to members and is completely managed by FreeMii. Currently, the company supports all four major wireless carriers in the US. “The wireless networks have invested billions over decades to build infrastructure. We have no desire to compete with them,” states FreeMii co-founder, David Barkley. “Our goal is to actually drive increased engagement by removing the cost barrier for consumers with this new model.”

At signup, new members chose their preferred carrier, connect their social profile, and decide whether they’d like to keep their current phone number. FreeMii then ships a compatible SIM card which, once activated, enables the network and phone line. A one-time purchase of $149 is required at sign up and covers initial activation, porting, and shipping for a limited time. The company offers a 100-day-100% money back guarantee and offers purchase with Paypal as assurance.

The company will offer devices and additional services such as premium content, streaming, and membership upgrades in order to sustain the model. Members will never receive a bill for wireless service. Barkley continues, “Members can chose to pay for services and content. We think this is a much better experience for the mobile consumer.”

About FreeMii

FreeMii is guided by four ideas: access to the internet should be free, families should be supported, the human experience should be improved, the creator should be championed. FreeMii offers products, services, and free unlimited data, talk and text to its members.

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