Dockmate is a wireless remote-control system that simplifies boat docking

PLYMOUTH, ENGLAND, April 11, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — If you want to simplify boat docking, need tips for easier boat docking, need a yacht controller that can dock a boat with ease, need help to dock a boat solo, steer a boat in a tight slip, or manoeuvre a boat singlehanded in a tight berth or waterway, the Dockmate wireless remote control system gives you the boat handling skills to dock without drama, negotiate challenging docking conditions, such as high winds or strong currents, and ultimately prevent docking disasters.

Can I use the Dockmate wireless remote-control docking system on my boat?

The Dockmate wireless remote-control boat docking system can be used on any boat or yacht with electronic engine controls. It’s a highly reliable, intuitive remote-control system suitable for all boats, whatever their size, type or age. Whether you need boat docking skills or the docking techniques to help to dock a powerboat, motorboat, sailboat, or yacht, Dockmate gives you complete control of your vessel and the confidence to ensure stress free docking, whatever the conditions.

The Dockmate is a simple, future-proof boat steering system

The Dockmate has been built by yachtsmen with over 40 years’ experience to simplify the difficult and stressful docking experience. It controls, to the centimetre, how you berth safely. The transmitter’s layout is simple and at the heart of the product, it houses future-proof internal electronics. The Dockmate technology will never become obsolete, in a rapidly changing market that is constantly evolving, and if you buy a new boat you can take your Dockmate system with you.

How to dock a boat with the Dockmate Yacht Controller

Dockmate is an affordable, remote boat docking system and yacht controller which provides wireless bow thruster remote control, wireless stern thruster remote control, wireless one engine remote control, wireless twin engine remote control, wireless anchor winch remote control, wireless windlasses remote control and wireless horn remote control.

Dockmate’s wireless boat steering system also offers great potential to those with restricted movement. Skippers can use the technology to operate electronically controlled engines from anywhere on board with a small handheld device.

The yacht controller Dockmate system provides fingertip control of:

– One or two engines
– Bow and stern thrusters
– One or two anchor winches or windlasses
– Horn

Dockmate Twist also provides wireless joystick control for engines and thrusters including proportional thrusters and full function control of shaft and pod drives.

What is the Dockmate Yacht Controller?

The Dockmate is a pocket-sized, wireless extension of a boat’s engine controls which gives boaters the exact same feeling and response time of the accessories used, to ensure a seamless user experience. The system, which can be customised to meet specific preferences of individual boaters, enables you to leave the helm, get a closer look at your surroundings and remain in complete control of the boat’s movement. It can replace a winch or the physical work when mooring so that your boat does all the work through Dockmate, including tightening the ropes.

The transmitter’s two-way communication ensures faultless operation with a five-channel Frequency Hopping Spectrum System (FHSS), which is a wireless technology that spreads a signal over rapidly changing frequencies for uninterruptible transmissions. It is not affected by interference from other remote systems.

How does the Dockmate Yacht Controller work?

Dockmate offers 4 wireless remote-control systems: the Single, Twin, the Twist 3-axis joystick with proportional control and Twist IPS for Volvo Penta IPS or Zeus pods.

A 5 function Dockmate system which controls two engines, a thruster, anchor winch and horn is also available.

Each Dockmate system includes plug and play cables for most brands. Its other features include:

– 2 way communication, ensuring faultless operation.
– 88 bit encoding for reliable data transmission.
– 12 double relays, 2 single for improved safety.
– Visual and audible confirmation on the transmitter of the receiver status.
– Enhanced range of 150 feet (50 meters).
– Rugged/powerful, waterproof floating handheld transmitter with easy grip rubber finish.
– Automatic take command via the transmitter to make it the active station.
– Panic function/emergency switch-off on the transmitter.
– Automatic shutdown of the transmitter after 30 minutes of non-use to optimise the performance of its built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery.
– Complete flat surface of the transmitter – no switches or keys to move or press accidentally.
– Modular construction of the receiver; each receiver can be fully customized in a couple of minutes, additional control modules can be ordered and installed anytime.
– Easy to hide, compact receiver for discrete installation (8.75 x 8.75 x 2.5″).
– Power supply to the receiver (12 of 24V) from 2 different sources, with power redundancy for increased safety.
– Waterproof connectors on the receiver.
– Also available for single engine boats.
– 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

How much does the Dockmate Yacht controller cost?

It will cost from £3,000.00 (net) for an entry level Dockmate single or Dockmate twin, next generation, wireless remote control. We can also fit Dockmate on any boat or yacht, from driveways to marinas, across the UK. Installation can be completed in less than a day.

How do I buy the Dockmate system and make docking my yacht easier?

If your docking involves shouting or swearing, the Dockmate system is a necessary indulgence! Boating should be fun! Get docking under control and change your boating experience by achieving perfect docking every time with Dockmate.

Dockmate Direct is part of the AllBoat Services group, Dockmate’s sole UK distributor. Our experts can either come to you and your boat or demonstrate Dockmate’s remote boat docking system at one of the many boat shows we are exhibiting at throughout the year:

For the Public: Poole Harbour Boat Show (Poole Quay Boat Haven)
7th – 9th June 2019

For the public: Southampton Boat Show (Southampton Quay!)
13th – 22nd September 2019

If you’re looking for supply, installation, advice, a fixed price quote, a boat survey or a general discussion about your individual requirements, please contact our friendly, professional and knowledgeable team at Dockmate Direct today on 01752 492609 or e-mail [email protected] and find out how easy docking your boat and yacht can get!

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