Easily provides water and feed for your pets using IoT technology! Automatic Water Dispenser, Automatic Feed Dispenser, Camera, Speaker, Monitoring, Video Call, CCTV, Remote Control

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 30, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — With the rise in interest in pets amongst the masses, related industries are also showing growth. In the midst of the various introductions of products and systems for pets, KSRM (CEO Donghak Roh), a company entering the Anyang Smart Contents Center, released a smart pet feeder and water dispenser called ‘Petica’, which is receiving attention as an innovative product.

The key functions of ‘Petica’ are as follows.

– Automatic water dispenser
– Automatic feed dispenser
– Camera
– Speaker
– Monitoring
– Video Call
– Remote Control

‘Petica’ is a smart pet feeder and water dispenser, which uses IoT technology for real-time monitoring and to allow remote control. Consumers who are worried about the feeding and care of their pets due to long periods away from home from late-shifts, business trips, or travelling can solve their problems with this product.

The biggest characteristics of ‘Petica’ are that it can directly activate products, and it can be used to provide food and water for your pets using its special app. You are able to control the amount of water and feed, and can also set times to feed your pet systematically. Not only limited to that, it can also utilize its ‘infrared cameras’, which make it easier to see even in low-lighting environments, and speakers to allow for remote monitoring and communication with your pets. The corresponding monitoring provides HD quality, high-resolution videos.

CEO Donghak Roh of KSRM said, “We listened to the customers through Wadiz Funding,” and went on to say, “It has been released after receiving updates to various aspects of it, including practicality and design”. He continued on to reveal his future plans starting from the latter half of this year, saying, “We plan to actively market with domestic customers as the target, and plan to continue to overseas markets such as Japan, where there is a great amount of interest in the pet market.”

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