LF-ONE System Available as “Buy it Now” at www.growhyve.com

VERONA, VA, August 15, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — DASCOM Americas, a worldwide diversified technology leader and marketer of HYVE™ Indoor Farming Systems today announced enhancements to the HYVE™ website that makes ordering select HYVE™ products easier. The site www.growhyve.com now allows users to purchase the LF-ONE or “Little Farm” as a direct buy from the site. The LF-ONE is a small self-contained hydroponic system for educational, business, or home use. It utilizes LED grow lighting, programmable logic control, and fertigation to allow users to grow a variety of vegetation 365 days a year regardless of climate.

According to Alia Clements Program Manager for the LF-ONE, “The “buy it now” addition to the HYVE™ website will make doing business with our company very easy. The LF-ONE is really a product that is in a different class from our larger vertical racking systems. It provides classrooms with hands-on learning opportunities, gives home growers the ability to grow up to 54 mature plants per grow cycle, and is the perfect complement to a business such as a restaurant where a chef might want to grow his or her own herbs, vegetables, or microgreens. We have been particularly excited about the “Little Farm” in educational applications because it teaches students math, science, communication skills, and teamwork in an immersive hands-on way. This is truly a consumer product that combines learning, fun, and productivity. Easy ordering capability will bring our technology more easily into the hands of users across the country.”

Joseph Wong, Global Business Development Manager for HYVE™ adds: “Our products serve very diverse market segments. Our large-scale contained environment offerings include heavy-duty racking, fertigation, LED lighting, catwalks, industrial pumps, robotics, and more. This offering is designed for commercial farmers who are looking to make indoor farming a full-time enterprise with the opportunity for an exceptional return-on-investment and the ability to greatly impact or alter an area’s access to fresh food supply. The large system is scalable whereas the LF-ONE is very consumer-centric and designed more for learning or for supplying a smaller space with fresh vegetables or plants. Our site now incorporates a more “consumer-friendly” ordering process which fits the LF-ONE well.”

The LF-ONE is offered directly from HYVE™ but is also distributed nationally through several channels that cater to various market segments who may not be aware of or accustomed to purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

Robert Seward, National Sales Manager for HYVE™ is quick to point out that the online option serves only to make doing business easier for target markets. “We distribute our products in a number of ways, but we are careful to avoid channel conflict by making sure that our distribution network and value-added resellers have programs to keep everyone in the value chain treated fairly. We have great products and we want to truly impact the way people learn, grow, and produce food for tomorrow. The new website enhancement will make it easier for all of our clients, partners, and prospects to do business with us and to learn more about our products and services.”

DASCOM Americas, SBI LLC is located approximately 2 ½ hours from Washington, D.C. The company markets various technology brands and is involved in contained environment farming systems, industrial LED lighting, and business and card identification printers and systems.

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