From setting your YouTube account to uploading your videos and making money!

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What is ‘YouTuber’?

– In general terms, a YouTuber is someone posting various videos on various subjects, whether it is fashion or makeup tips or politics, and in process, if your video gets viral and increase its viewers and making a dough from its advertising profits.

If you participate in YouTube’s partner software, and post the video and depends on how many viewers watch your ‘video’ and so-called ‘advertising profits’ goes into your bank account – that’s the cash- flow and to make profits, a YouTuber works hard to choose a topic which will attract viewers, then film it, edit it and put it on YouTube. Well, then you might be interested to know how much money YouTuber is making? and answer to that question is ‘it depends’.

It varies from zero to 10,000 even millions or more, depends on how many viewers watch your video and subscribe to your channel.

The job description of ‘YouTuber’

– It is also called ‘YouTube creator’ and you film various contents of your choosing then edit it and post it on YouTube. If you have a PC, camera or a mobile phone you can become a YouTuber and work freely anywhere in the world!

Some ‘YouTube creator’ is working with companies and get the necessary support they need but some of ‘YouTube creator’ is working as a freelance, so there are no restrictions.

Quite frankly, in the YouTube ‘industry’ there is no fixed income and to make money you have to work very hard for it. So, some creators are considered this as a part-time job. The competition between creators getting fierce and it means that making a profit is much harder than when it started, but in other words, even for beginners, the barriers are not that high,
It means anyone can start their own YouTube channel whenever they want.

A process of uploading video files to your YouTube channel is easy and all you need to do is focus and follow the process which the article leads.

1. Setting up your own YouTube account
– YouTube is solely provided by Google, so first and foremost you need to set your own google account, you can start by filling the information on the link below.

After you fill out the necessary information to set your own google account, you log-in on YouTube website, then you go to ‘setting’ and choose ‘my channel’ after that ‘Confirmation’ screen will be shown when you hit ‘create Channel’ to complete the process. Now the first part is done.

2. Setting out the contents
– Many YouTube creators suggest if you want to start your own YouTube channel, first you need to set out the contents. You can upload any videos you want on YouTube, but it will be much better if you carefully set out the plan on how to work on your channel, it means the clearer the better.

Here are a few suggestions, for many to follow.
• Video Blog (Daily, products review)
• Comedy (Stand-ups, content, slap-stick, etc.)
• How to (Know-how, information broadcasting)
• Educational (Like a channel that you can learn something from)
• Gaming review (Worldwide subscription of gaming reviews is the largest in YouTube)
• Music (Doesn’t matter whether it’s professional or amateur)
• News & Economy (Information)
• Make-up, fashion, cooking, trend, pachinko – hobby

3. Filming
– If it is a simple day-to-day video, you can simply use your mobile phone then post it, but if you want to shoot the video with high quality, you need proper equipment and settings to do it right. Nowadays, you can get high-end video cameras and shoot your own professional videos.

4. Editing
– You can post the video without any editing, but with some editing, and BGM, add tops, etc., it will look much better and professional. This editing process is vital to many YouTube creators and there is little software that will help your editing process painless as possible.

Movie creator: free video editor
– For beginners (free, but not provided any tech-support anymore by MS)

– This is a free video editing software provided by Microsoft. This software is a useful software for editing, however, which Microsoft decided to not provide any tech-support anymore since 2017 Jan. This software provides simple video cutting, it means it can only edit so you can’t make a high-quality video with this software but on the sunny side, you can quickly edit and produce a video.

GOM Mix Pro
– For beginners ($55 → $39) [view]

This is the software for beginners who just start YouTube and does not know how to edit videos. It has various templates and special effects, so even you are totally new to video editing, you can easily work and produce some quality work. It gets better and better after each update since its renewal update in 2017. It is the most well-known video editing software in South Korea and mostly many YouTubers, even for little elementary school kids who just start their YouTube channel are using this software. This software provides various features including capture and has a product made out especially for YouTube creators. It is developed by GOM & Company Inc., who created GOM Player and pioneered this industry in South Korea. Frankly, GOM Mix Pro is one of the best video editing software under $100.

Adobe Premiere Elements
– For intermediate ~ advance ($99.99 → $69.99)

– A household version of Adobe products, so even the novice creators can easily access, but it works sometimes very slow. If your PC does not have enough storage, processing will be very difficult. However, Adobe, which has been famous for software, surely is a company with a good history of graphics tech.

5. Upload
If you want to post your videos on YouTube, you first log-in, then on the top-right side of ‘my channel’, click ‘Upload’ then you drag the videos you want to post and rest of it is easy.

• Creating profits
– This is most important to every YouTube creator and here are your tips.

– You first go in to ‘my channel’ and select the ‘creators tool’ then choose the channel, then activate ‘profits’ settings in ‘Status and Function’, then if you agree on the necessary Google policy which will help advertising and profits.

– You also need to create a Google AdSense account, then fill out the necessary information including your bank account to receive any profits your channel makes.

– From January 2018, Google changed its advertising policy, it means that if your channel has not been shown 4,000 hrs in last 12 months and if the subscribers are less than 1,000, you will not get any profits.

If you clear 4,000 hrs and 1,000 subscribers’ barrier, then Google will review if your channel does not violate any community guidelines. Once Google clears your channel, you can start making money.

But beware, if your channel contains a video that violates copyright, post-violence or sexual contents, Google will block your channel.

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