Healee enables doctors to build a virtual practice and provide online consultations to patients.

SOFIA, BULGARIA, September 18, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Today, Healee, a telehealth platform connecting doctors and patients online, announced the release of a new capability called Personal Assistant.

The Assistant, relying on AI-based chatbot functionality, collects preliminary information from the patient such as symptoms, severity and duration of the symptoms and lab results, to save doctors’ time and help them prepare for the consultation.

“While many of Healee’s features have a strong focus on telemedicine, the Personal Doctor Assistant could be used beyond the typical online consultation scenario. Having summaries of the preliminary conversation with patients, doctors can reschedule appointments to accommodate urgent cases or advice patients to have lab test before the consultation,” said Hristo Kosev, Founder of Healee. “We aspire to make healthcare accessible, reliable and less complicated for everyone and now we’ve set our focus on helping doctors cut overhead and become more efficient.”

Healee chatbot, on which the Personal Doctor Assistant is based, “knows” what to ask because it has been trained with tens of thousands of medical articles and data about medical conditions and diseases, and how these conditions typically unfold. The questions don’t follow a predefined path but depend on the patient’s age, gender, initial symptoms and the combination of the answers that the patient has provided so far during the conversation with the chatbot.

About Healee
Healee enables doctors to build a virtual practice and provide online consultations to patients. Any doctor can join, regardless of their specialty, with onboarding a matter of minutes.

By using the latest technology with the expertise of the finest doctors, Healee brings the future of digital healthcare today. Features include:

• Rich communication options: secure chat, live video calls and voice messages
• Easy access to patients data: medical history, images, X-rays, MRI, PET and CT scans
• Lab results: patients can scan lab results with their phone camera and upload them in the app
• Personal assistant: functionality collecting preliminary information from patients
• Away mode: letting patients know about doctors’ availability

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