NEW YORK, NY, August 29, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — The future of technology provides an exciting vision for humanity. With advancements like artificial intelligence and virtual augmented reality, technology keeps evolving to help serve the purpose of bettering our lives.

When drones were first introduced to us, they were used solely as military technology. Nowadays, companies like Amazon and Google are using drone technology to deliver packages to everyday customers. Companies like Zipline also used this technology to deliver medicine to villages where cars were unable to reach.

Driving cars look to be closer in our future than we imagined. Google has begun their startup for flying cars which will use drone technology to provide a more affordable and convenient option than planes. Silicon Valley investors even predict that in ten years, the road will be filled with self-driving cars.

Where some might see challenges in the future of technology, experts see it as a chance for something greater to come about.

“Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace- rather than focus on “challenges” I consider them “opportunities”- and those are everywhere! Every existing product or service can be integrated with newer tech to provide a more seamless experience. That, combined with the fact that the hardware is continuing to get faster, while being significantly smaller, allows for unique innovation in every industry,” shares entrepreneur Roy Taylor.

“Think about it like this- in whatever industry you already specialize in, how can you automate something for consumers or businesses to either make their lives easier or save them more time/money? The choices are unlimited,”

The good news for those looking to get into the field of technology, is that nowadays it has become widely accessible. Whether you wish to get involved from an entrepreneurship side or from a corporate side, the tech space is accepting of everyone.

“I personally took the entrepreneur route, by looking for ways to provide value to consumers in different industries. Recently, I built my own iPhone app development firm M Labs – and there are many firms who can bring your idea to life! You can build your own mobile app, software, or the newest gadget, and promote it online or via partnerships. Or, take a corporate route and join a company (from startups to international corporations) that involves a technology you care about! Either way, don’t sleep on the massive opportunities available to anyone with internet access… the technology world will continue expanding daily, along with your potential to make it big time with your newest app, software, or gadget!” shares Roy Taylor.

The world of technology is one that is fast pacing. The issues we may have today could be solved by next month. New technology is being invented everyday, all around the world.

Roy believes the average consumer isn’t aware how quickly their world will change as robotics, AI, and augmented reality seamlessly integrate with our day-to-day lives. That, coupled with upgrades to internet speeds with 5G rolling out now, the IoT (internet of things) will continue to connect things we never thought were connected.

“I’m particularly excited for upgrades in Smart-Home technology, supply-chain logistics, and more. Definitely be on the lookout for self driving cars, and more industry-disrupting automation like Airbnb and Uber that will shift us towards the future” emphasizes Roy Taylor.

So when you are using your iPhone to check Instagram, shopping on Amazon, or connecting with loved ones on Facetime, take the time to reflect and see just how far technology has come in these last few years, but also imagine what’s to come.

From flying cars, to artificial intelligence, to flying drones that deliver daily household items, technology continues to advance by the hour. It is unclear where technology will be in the future, but all we know is that our lives will be greatly impacted by the advancements ahead. The real question to ask yourself is- will you continue just consuming, or join in on the financial opportunities available?

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