Sensors Expo & Conference 2019, San Jose 25-28 June 2019

OTTAWA, ON, June 27, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Susan Schober, Chief Invention Officer of Circuit Seed™, accepted the Woman of the Year award yesterday at the Best of Sensor Awards 2019, in San Jose.

Open to the entire sensing technology community, the annual Best of Sensors Awards program showcases outstanding innovation that is driving improvements and transforming the industry. The Woman of the Year award is intended to recognize an aspiring woman engineer or engineering professional within the sensor industry.

Susan holds a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering – and degrees in biomedical engineering and engineering management – with expertise in the area of low power and high performance analog integrated circuit design for deep sum-um CMOS technologies. She has extensive experience in design, layout, simulation, photolithography, fabrication, testing, specifications and commercialization of sensors, radio-frequency, mixed signal, and analog circuits and systems.

The experimentation of circuit fundamentals led to the discovery of the seminal patented semiconductor platform technology, the Complementary Current Field-Effect Transistor (CiFET™). This led to the creation of the invention company Circuit Seed, which develops breakthrough circuit designs for processing analog signals, using 100% digital components.

Susan’s contributions as the co-inventor of the CiFET will have a substantial impact on the global semiconductor industry. Important areas of application are: health and life sciences, wireless communications, autonomous vehicles, and logic (logic gates, GPU, CPU and data-bus).

Susan is responsible for one of the largest social impacts of semiconductor technology to the benefit of people and planet. From critical applications, such lab-on-a-chip, air, water and food quality assurance through to advanced medical devices and diagnostics for great improvement in healthcare, Susan and her team are truly changing the world.

Ron Laurie, Executive Chairman of InventionShare (the lead investor in Circuit Seed), noted that Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO was quoted as saying, “The word ‘female,’ when inserted in front of something, is always with a note of surprise. Female COO, female pilot, female surgeon — as if the gender implies surprise … One day there won’t be female leaders. There will just be leaders.”

“Susan is a leader,” Laurie said.

About Circuit Seed

Circuit Seed enables a new portable family of building block circuit designs for processing low power analog signals in an all-digital domain. It is based on a new Complementary Current Field-Effect Transistor (the CiFET) with a channel fusion for fully integrating analog functionality with unique properties while eliminating separate analog chips and external components on the circuit board. Noise is markedly reduced, and sensitivities are considerably increased. The CiFET designs use 100% digital transistor channels to overcome many traditional analog restrictions – including parametric variations and temperature sensitivities. The designs provide an ultra-linear response over an extended dynamic range and the capability of operating at low supply voltages below 800mV with low power consumption at any threshold voltage.

About InventionShare

InventionShare functions as a perpetual and exclusive ‘Breakthrough Invention Fund’ that creates and develops ‘Invention Companies’ rather than high risk ‘Operating Companies’. This approach dramatically accelerates the adoption of breakthrough technologies by augmenting the innovation pipeline of large global companies – for extraordinary financial outcomes and high social impact. We do this by attracting and representing credible senior inventors with a track record, through our ‘inventor friendly’ success-based model, and we support, amplify, protect and validate their seminal inventions with non-dilutive financial capital – in stark contrast to operating companies. The dramatic financial and social leverage we achieve is through our deep and distinct intellectual and relationship capital, industry and IP expertise, intelligence tools, process, diligence and discipline.

About Sensors Expo & Conference

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