Gabble allows users to connect and interact with their existing Facebook friends, but in anonymity.

HOUSTON, TX, April 29, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — A twist on social media discussion boards has been launched with the Gabble website and smart phone app ( Gabble allows users to connect and interact with their existing Facebook friends, but in anonymity. The concept evolved from the interest in friends and colleagues to be able to discuss sensitive topics without the fear of embarrassment or even potential backlash. Parent company 32nd Degree believes that people want to discuss important topics anonymously but more importantly in a way that they can get feedback from their peers and not just random people. Most people respect their friends and often those that they have accepted friend requests from on Facebook. Now users can discuss relationships, taxes, addictions, finances, religion, politics and more with their friends while maintaining their secrecy and avoiding any public shaming.

When a user starts a new Gabble discussion thread the app assigns them a random username to hide the identity of the user. Every new contributor to the thread is also assigned a random username for that thread. This allows for users to follow the conversation without having to reveal who is posting on the thread. Gabble users have the ability to block specific Facebook friends from viewing their posts which is great for parents, adult children, or even spouses to be able to discuss private matters without fear of family members recognizing them as the content creators. Users can create anonymous polls, as well, to garner votes from friends on sensitive topics. Users can choose to view “public” or “friends only” posts in case they want to discuss with a group wider than their friends circle. In order to protect new users from easily being identified by their friends when only a few friends are using the app, Gabble mixes these “public” threads into every new users’ timeline to help maintain anonymity for their friends who have also created their first threads. As users gather more friends who also use the app fewer public posts are mixed into the timeline.

Gabble is available via the browser at or as an app in the iOS and Android app stores.

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