Whether you’re considering starting a laser engraving business or you’re trying to expand your existing laser engraving business, it’s important to know your options. For instance, new technology, innovations, trends, and niches that can help you start or grow your business.

You might be surprised to know that there are manufacturers and laser engravers out there that can engrave on kitchenware, tables, and other unique products that consumers will be drawn to in droves with the proper marketing and ample supply. Sometimes, it’s true that if you make it, they will come.

The following will discuss three things you probably didn’t know you can engrave and use to expand your business.

Artistic Furnishings

Did you know that you can use a laser engraving system to engrave or cut on furniture? Creative and crafty laser engraving professionals can customize various pieces of wood or glass-topped furniture to fit the tastes of their customers. For instance, silhouette designs on the trim of a table or chair for added elegance and details, or elaborate designs on a glass-top table. Imagine the possibilities when you have the appropriate laser system and software program to make it happen.

Trendy Business Cards

A few of the trending business cards include laser engraved wood, metal, or lightweight acrylic cards. Self-employed customers need to make a good impression on their customers and potential customers. This is a wildly popular niche among business owners that has yet to catch on and become saturated among laser engraving businesses. Therefore, you can start a business based on this niche, or expand your current laser engraving business and grab that customer base. A new customer base in one niche often leads to future orders in other laser products you offer.

Business cards are a crucial element of doing business, so this is a great way to reach out to this audience. Laser engraving machines are capable of creating intricate and elegant designs, a variety of fonts, and just about anything that your customers can want on their unique business cards.

Rolling Pins

Why would anyone want a laser-engraved rolling pin? There are at least two good reasons for laser engraving on rolling pins. One is decorative and one is functional. Rolling pins can be personalized and used a kitchen decoration. Virtually any design you can imagine can be engraved or cut into a rolling pin. This is a popular niche for restaurants, cafes, delis, and for personal kitchen decoration.

Deeper laser engraving/cutting will create a design/pattern that can be used in the kitchen to create baked goods with designs on them. The rolling pin can be cut to special textures and shape, just like for decorative purposes only with more detail, which allows the baker to create elaborate and gorgeous pastries, pies, and other baked goods. Not only are laser-engraved rolling pins popular as decorative elements, but the baked goods they can create are also very popular.

These are only three unique ideas for starting your laser business or expanding your product base. You are only limited by your own creativity in the laser engraving industry.

Article by Needham Coding