UNOZERO is rooted in the need for soccer players to find a true soccer-centric brand. A brand that caters to serious players interested in high-quality performance footwear

HOLLYWOOD, FL, July 16, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Shying away from neon synthetics, UNOZERO brings to market timeless design, a modern classic. The brand values focus on craftsmanship, quality materials, attention to detail, and superior performance, diverging from the rest who lead with ‘mega speed, lethal power…’ messaging.

Created by players, for players. A brand that resonates with those who love and respect the beautiful game. Refined, yet, not pretentious, for those life-long soccer players in the know.

This is the story of Sam Garzon, founder of UNOZERO.

1 -Share the Origin of your brand name, UNOZERO.

UNOZERO comes from number ten, which is the number worn by the all-time greats. Think of Pele, Maradona, Puskas, Zidane. They all wore the mythical #10. We wanted the name of our brand to be deeply rooted in the history and greatness of the beautiful game, and so UNOZERO was born.

2 -When a new product/brand is created, there is a reason why the timing is “now” to bring it to market?

I think the timing for a brand and a cleat like UNOZERO was long overdue. A few years back, I went to a retail store to purchase a pair of cleats. I was looking for comfort, fit, durability, and an elegant/serious look. When I entered the store, I found a good boot but had two color options: neon green or bright red. There was nothing relevant for the serious player.
UNOZERO brings to market a premium and serious performance cleat with both modern and classical elements, bridging the gap between old and new with a modern classic, a timeless and relevant design.
Besides high quality and a serious look, we know the market is craving for a true soccer-centric brand. Our promise is to always be that, a brand that only brings to market high quality and premium soccer products. We heavily contrast with “everything to everyone brands”, and this is intentional.

3 -Soccer players, even at the amateur level, take the sport very seriously. Did this inspire UNOZERO?

We believe serious players of all sports are driven by a passion for their game. UNOZERO is certainly a project driven by a passion for the beautiful game and is solely focused on connecting with players that truly feel and love the game as much as we do. Soccer is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. We aim to connect with players who appreciate and respect the greatness of the sport, and understand what it means to be a soccer player on and off the field.

4 -There is a flamboyance nowadays to commercial soccer shoes in the design, the colors, and lack of durability—UnoZero seems to dance to its own drum—is that important to you?

Absolutely. UNOZERO is for those players who shy away from neon synthetics, for those who seek quality over flashiness but still place great importance on design. It is for the serious player that craves a well-built, modern classic shoe.

Our boots are handmade in Italy in small batches by the same shoemakers who for decades have worked with some of the game’s greatest players. There is careful attention to detail on everything we do, ultimately resulting in superior construction, a boot designed to perform and last.

We want the cleats to retain its pristine feel, so we educate our players on how to care for their cleats, and in fact, every UNOZERO kit includes a leather cream to be used when treating/cleaning the cleats. They truly deserve care and attention. Our boots sport a timeless design, aimed to always stay relevant, and that differentiates us from the rest.

5 -In the selection of shoemaker; what was your mandate in the quality of the shoe?

We searched for over a year in multiple continents to find the right partner. We needed to find a partner that shared our core values and understood our identity. The importance of only producing high-quality products was paramount, and our long search paid off as we found the perfect ally in Italy.

For months, we worked together on extensive R&D. We searched for the right materials, worked on finding the right balance of padding, and ultimately perfected the design and built. The result is a boot like no other, one that molds to the foot and wraps around the heel providing a superior fit and lockdown.

We do not promote, ‘ultra-speed ‘or ‘lethal power’, rather, our focus is high quality, carefully crafted boots that allow players to perform at their peak level. That was our main goal when creating our cleat, and it was achieved in significant part thanks to our Italian counterparts.

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