Want your hair to look its best during this spring season? Learn how to transition your mane to spring hair care routine after challenging winter period.

The best way to start new spring season is to visit your barber for a haircut. Winter is a challenging period for your mane due to a number of reasons. Severe weather conditions undermine the health of your hair and cause different kinds of damage you should get rid of. Make an appointment at New York Barbershop and start everything from a blank sheet this season!

2. Restore right hydration
Dry air from air conditioners, cold winds, and low temperatures take a serious toll on a moisture balance of your hair. A new season is a great possibility to restore proper hydration and transition your locks to friendlier weather conditions. Regular conditioning is a great way to impart your hair with necessary moisture and nourishment.

3. Switch to natural drying
Experts at New York Barbershop underline the importance of healthy drying method for spring hair. Men tend to use hair dryer during winter season more often because it’s fast and effective. However, regular exposure to heat causes damage to your hair by extracting moisture and leaving it dehydrated. We recommend switching to natural drying and preserving the health of your locks.

151214090110204. Maintain your ends
Ends are the weakest and oldest part of your hair, which requires regular maintenance. Fierce weather conditions during winter season affect your ends negatively and do a lot of damage. Unfortunately, this damage can travel to the rest of your hair and cause more serious problems. Visit your barbershop every 2 months to get a trim and keep your hair healthy.

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