Warm Weather Landscape Ideas for Everyone

NEW YORK, NY, May 14, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Once the summer weather hits, the endless ideas of seasonal landscape begin to evolve. Whether you’re in need of a summer landscape at your business or home, John Mini Distinctive Landscapes can help these ideas come to life.

One idea that is pleasant for everyone, whether you’re planning a large residential or commercial project, is a water feature. The sound of a gentle waterfall or a delicate stream has the ability to relax almost anyone. It also provides a little area for the birds to hang out in and cool off.

An outdoor living room could work well for residential and commercial areas. If you have a sizeable area at home that could fit outdoor couches, chairs, and tables among some beautiful plants and trees, an outdoor living room will give your family and guests a place to sit and admire the landscape around you. On the flip side, if you own a business that has outdoor space, whether ground level, terrace or rooftop, this idea will create a great environment for your employees. Add a living wall and you’re all set!

Summer flowers will make any landscape pop, especially if they bloom with bright colors. Some flower types include Gloriosa Daisy, Dahlia, Marigolds, and Pineapple Lilies, just to name a few. Strategically planting these within your outdoor landscape will bring your landscape to life.

Lighting adds uniqueness and artistry to your landscape. If you have, or plan on adding, a walkway around your landscape, within it, or leading up to it, adding lights leading the way will outline the space and direct traffic in the right direction. For commercial landscapes, the adding lighting will steal the attention of passersby setting it apart from your competitors. Although business usually takes place indoors, highlighting the outside of the building will only emphasize your company’s attention to detail.

Eye-catching bushes, flowers, and stones around your branded sign at the entrance of your business will draw attention to your sign, which could attract potential clients and customers. Also, it creates a pleasant first impression for visitors.

Summer is just around the corner! If you’re in need of some inspiration in addition to this article, browse through our website and check out our previous work or follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. Contact John Mini Distinctive Landscapes with your projects ideas today.

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