TV Personality Legal Analyst and Domestic Violence Expert Leads Substance Abuse Center as CEO to Help Families Like Hers

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, May 03, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Tanya Young Williams is the CEO of Pivot Treatment and Wellness Centers (Pivot) in Singer Island, Florida. Young Williams Co-founded the alcohol and substance abuse centers with Dr. Jacob Elefant. As CEO, Young Williams is intimately involved in the vision, marketing and day-to-day operations of Pivot.

“Dr. Elefant and I birthed Pivot because we couldn’t stand on the sidelines while the drug epidemic continued to escalate and destroy families on a daily basis. Our first priority is to help the addict stop abusing alcohol and/or drugs,” said Young Williams. “More than 70,000 Americans died from a drug overdose in 2017, setting a new record amid an ongoing public health crisis and contributing to the decline in average life expectancy nationwide. Deaths from drug overdose climbed nearly 10 percent from 63,632 in 2016 to 70,237 in the U.S. in 2017,” according to a report from the National Center for Health Statistics, a part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Young Williams has been a celebrity spokesperson for the Domestic Violence Hotline and constant presence on television advocating and educating about the horrors and realities of domestic violence for many years. Now, she pivots her voice and passion to include traditional, revolutionary and holistic treatment for addicts. “I am now in this space because it has impacted my home. I know the damage that an improperly treated addict can cause a family. It can wreck short-term and long-term havoc on children and parents. I live the pain it causes – I hear from families. Making an addict sober is only our first step,” says Young Williams.

Pivot’s proprietary 12 Pillars of Wellness Curriculum is the brainchild of Young Williams. In conjunction with individual clinical therapy, group counseling and recreational therapy, Pivot’s wellness curriculum creates a program that thoroughly assesses and corrects the many facets of the client’s life.

“People leave facilities sober but they don’t leave well. You have to stop being a narcissist, manipulator, liar, deadbeat parent or thief. Who cares if you are sober if you are still an asshole? Pivot works hard to turn that person around – make the recovering addict a better person for his family and the community,” says Young Williams.

Pivot’s upscale, waterfront location and hotel quality amenities, provide its clients with an atmosphere that is conducive with total mind, body and spirit wellness. Pivot Treatment and Wellness Centers offer detox services through its sister facility and in-house PHP, IOP, OP services. Pivot’s clients receive individual clinical treatment, brain analysis and family reconciliation counseling as part of its individual client treatment plans. Pivot accepts most insurance plans and offers a low-cost cash pay solution compared to other exclusive substance abuse treatment facilities. Pivot website is

Pivot Treatment and Wellness Centers is deeply experienced in the traditional approaches to addiction treatment, but also relentless in our quest in pioneering a movement that understands treating the addiction is only the first step. The “Pivot Experience” is founded on the principle that you can truly “turn it around” when attention is focused on healing the whole person – emotionally, psychologically, physically, nutritionally and financially. Much of the therapies and psychology that we practice is informed by long-established proven methodologies rooted in Pivot’s proprietary 12 Pillars of Wellness. We have witnessed over and over again that making them a part of daily life can improve the quality of life for people with substance use disorders.

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