Powerful Vibrating Mop Heads Help Vetorno Glide Across the Floor; Effortlessly Breaks Up Dirt, Grime, and Stains

LIVERMORE, CA, May 01, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Sienna, the flagship brand of Anvid Products, the premier manufacturer of multi-use cleaning devices for a wide range of cleaning and sanitizing applications, announces the availability of the Vetorno Cordless Wet/Dry Vibration Mops.

Unlike traditional mops which require the user to push the mop across the floor, Vetorno creates continuous, powerful vibrations that allow it to effortlessly glide over hardwood, tile, ceramic and other surfaces, breaking up dirt, grime, and stains. Vetorno uses either disposable or machine-washable cleaning pads for both wet and dry mopping. When done cleaning, users can pop-on optional waxing pads for an extra shine.

An extremely easy-to-use device, Vetorno allows users to start scrubbing with a push of a button. Vibrations virtually self-propel the mop, while dual pads can clean and polish simultaneously. A rotating joint allows the mop head to easily maneuver wherever the user directs it.

The Sienna Vetorno Cordless Vibration Mops offer incredible cleaning power in a cordless and lightweight design. The rechargeable wet/dry mops provide up to 40 minutes powerful vibrations on a single-charge to break up dirt and grime on home floors. With no cords and a long battery life, it’s simple to clean and polish an entire house in very little time.

The Vetorno Mop comes in two models: Vetorno and Vetorno Plus. Vetorno Plus is equipped with an LED headlight and a spray function, providing added cleaning power. The Vetorno Plus also features a handle-based on/off switch instead of Vetorno’s pedal-based switch.

“We are extremely excited to unveil our Vetorno to the market,” said Robert Moeller, Anvid Products Vice President. “Our mops have always been known for their amazing cleaning power and simple operation. With their vibrating mop heads, Vetorno takes both the power and simplicity to an entirely new level.”

MSRP of Vetorno is $169; Vetorno Plus is $199. This Fall, they will be available on Amazon and on the Sienna website at www.siennadirect.com.

Located in Livermore, CA, Anvid Products is the parent company of Sienna, the company’s flagship brand. Anvid is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high-quality, environmentally safe cleaning products. The Sienna brand offers a full selection of household appliances and accessories that steam, press, refresh, sanitize, clean, and deodorize a wide range of items and surfaces, including floors, garments, and jewelry, windows, countertops, bathrooms, kitchen fixtures, children’s toys, even BBQ grills. Their steam appliances not only eliminate 99.99% of all bacteria, they use no caustic chemicals to harm the ecosystem.

Anvid Products has more than 20 years of steam appliance design and manufacturing experience. For more information about the Sienna brand, visit our website at www.siennadirect.com.

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