Author, speaker, and resilience expert Anne Grady offers tips for self-care to help people overcome chronic feelings of being overwhelmed

AUSTIN, TX, July 10, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Workplace stress is a leading cause of “burnout” as recently defined by the World Health Organization. But there are steps people can take to guard against the most harmful effects of toxic stress, says author, speaker, and resilience expert Anne Grady.

Burnout is characterized by feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion, increased mental distance or feelings of negativism or cynicism about work, and reduced professional efficacy.

“People suffering from burnout feel stuck, hopeless, and too paralyzed to deal with it. They have let stress overwhelm them to the point that they are not taking active steps to cope with it,” Anne says. “The key to managing stress that’s causing us to feel burned out is to create a purposeful plan to start addressing it, rather than reacting to it.”

She recommends people take steps to head off burnout before it grows so severe that they suffer health problems or are forced to quit their jobs, including the following:

1. Examine how you respond when you feel overwhelmed. Do you become tense, distracted, irritable, and/or short with the people around you? Do you have trouble sleeping and constantly feel tired? Your body is talking to you. Listen to it. Start proactively recognizing the signs before stress causes you to freeze up.

2. Practice mindfulness. Our ability to control our emotions and attention comes from the grey matter in our brain. Practicing mindfulness allows you to restore grey matter that has been damaged by stress. By simply bringing yourself back to the moment, getting curious about your emotions, letting go of negative or self-defeating thoughts, and controlling your attention, you build self-care from the inside out and change how you respond to stress.

3. Create a self-care ritual. Make caring for yourself a priority. It may be exercise, meditation, regular time with a friend or pet, or taking time to read for fun or savor artwork or music. Don’t neglect what brings you joy – make it a ritual.

“There are many other things you can do to grow in resilience and face all the challenges of your life without burning out, including cultivating optimism and other positive emotions and regularly practicing gratitude,” Anne says.

About: Resilience expert Anne Grady is an internationally recognized speaker and author. Anne shares humor, humility, refreshing honesty, and practical strategies anyone can use to triumph over adversity and master change. She is the author of “Strong Enough: Choosing Courage, Resilience, and Triumph,” and “52 Strategies for Life, Love & Work.” Learn more at

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