The Next Stage of Multi Vitamin Supplementation is Finally Here!

VANCOUVER, BC, June 04, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Samuraw Nutrition Inc. is proud to announce the North American release of the world’s first 100% Food-derived, Multi Vitamin, Mineral and Probiotic Formula.

Millions of people throughout North America supplement with a daily multi vitamin/mineral formula. What the majority don’t realize however, is that 99% of these “so-called” nutrient formulas are 100% synthetically made and do not resemble the way nutrients in real food behave in the body. In other words, most synthetic supplements are almost useless and a waste of good money. Samuraw Nutrition Inc. creates supplements that are the next best thing to real food.

Synthetic nutrients are processed from cheap and harmful chemicals like petroleum, coal tar and acetone. The body also has a very hard time breaking down the binders and fillers used in these supplements. Studies have shown that synthetic vitamin C (ascorbic acid), for instance, has significantly lower antioxidant activity when compared to naturally-derived vitamin C. Aside from this, almost all synthetic multi vitamins are completely isolated, whereas nutrients found in food are synergistically combined with numerous other co-factors that allow them to do their jobs properly (i.e. support greater health).

After a 2-year research project to create a nutrient formula derived exclusively from certified organic superfoods along with the world’s most scientifically proven probiotic, Award-Winning Nutritional Formulator and Bestselling author, Brad King, MS, MFS, introduced to market Samuraw Organic Complete™.

Each of the 21 organic vitamins and minerals in every “super-concentrated” scoop of Samuraw Organic Complete™ are derived without any heat or chemicals, from 25 USDA certified organic superfoods. The only added ingredient is a shelf-stable and human compatible probiotic that has over 1,000 clinical studies behind it. The probiotic adds greater bioavailability to the entire formula, as well as delivering its own unique health benefits (as seen in the numerous studies).

With a strong following and years of helping consumers choose healthier options, Brad King and Samuraw Nutrition are ready to help you achieve your nutrition goals with “100% real, non-GMO, organic food-derived nutrients – the way Mother Nature intended.”

About Samuraw: Samuraw Nutrition Inc. is an innovative nutritional formulation company, founded and committed to optimizing one’s health profile through 100% whole, real, non-GMO, organic food-derived nutrients – the way Mother Nature intended. Our formulas are designed to help anyone do whatever it is they do, better!

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