Leading expert, Rochel Rittgers, discusses the importance and the health benefits of CBD/hemp oils. She excels in helping clients release buried pain through a combination of Intensive Emotional Release Therapy, Qigong, and crystal and sound healing.

BETTENDORF, IA, April 06, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — “Today, we are in the center of the cannabis revolution,” says Rittgers, a metaphysical minister and medical intuitive, and CEO/Founder of Infinite Living LLC. “Our country is gradually waking up to the fact that cannabis, which was once considered a harmful psychoactive substance, is not only safe, but versatile in its health benefits.” However, even with the acknowledgment of the medical benefits of hemp/CBD oils in the medical literature, there’s a lot of confusion. That’s why Ms. Rittgers is clearing up the murkiness surrounding cannabis products and their amazing benefits.

“When talking about the health benefits of hemp oil, part of what we are referring to is the benefits that come from cannabinoids like CBD and CBG. Though there’s still additional high quality research needed, the available clinical evidence reveals health support for many body systems,” shared Rittgers.

In a recent interview Ms. Rittgers stated her opinion on the growing opportunities in this sector. “In 2018, the industry figures finished at right around $560 million,” she said. “I recently read the prediction of $22 billion by 2022, and expectations of a $57 billion industry by 2027. With those predictions now is the time to get involved.”

The Farm Bill act of 2018 relaxed the laws associated with hemp and took hemp-derived products off the Schedule 1 drug list. This shift in the Federal law makes hemp/CBD oil available to virtually everyone. Ms. Rittgers has collaborated with PrimeMyBody, a company that focuses on the relationships and health benefits of the hemp plant. She is now on a mission to raise awareness of the significance of living a physically and financially healthy lifestyle with the assistance of PrimeMyBody, and their pharmaceutical grade products.

“In 2018, our company held right around 10% of the nation’s profits in the industry. We are poised to do the same when the industry hits $22- and $57 billion. Since affiliates of PrimeMyBody receive over 50% of the company profits, we anticipate receiving our share of 1.2 billion or more in 2022. Sign up as an affiliate at InfiniteLiving.PrimeMyBody.com and take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity now.”

As the owner and founder of Infinite Living LLC, Rittgers never undervalues the significance of aligning herself with the most highly regarded nutritional supplements like PrimeMyBody. The company has already moved into foreign markets. Currently, they are open in Taiwan and Japan, and soon in Mexico and Canada.

Aside from her diverse background in holistic healing, Ms. Rittgers is also incorporating plant-based products and hemp oil into her daily regimen.

Rochel Rittgers is the CEO and Founder of Infinite Living LLC. She was a Master Healer and Certified Instructor at Spring Forest Qigong. She is available for individual and group healings (distance or local).

For more information about Ms. Rittgers and her services, call her at (309) 269-6989 or send her an e-mail at [email protected]. More information about PrimeMyBody is available at InfiniteLiving.PrimeMyBody.com.

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