Relationships: It’s Possible to Snuggle Through the StruggleRelationships are difficult for everyone. People aren’t born knowing how to have a successful marriage. Happiness must be learned during the young years of a marriage, but fortunately, couples can learn from advice, books, and even each other.

Jared and Mesi James have been successfully married for nearly four years. In their book, “Young, Black & Married: How to Snuggle Through the Struggle,” they write that it is possible to love and respect each other through each of life’s difficult challenges. Their book is available on all popular book site platforms, and there is a book two, in progress.

Jared and Mesi believe in a healthy and happy marriage. While no one is perfect, conflict can be a result of misunderstandings. Certainly no one person will intentionally try to derail a happy relationship. The goal of this book is to help couples to avoid couple’s therapy or marriage counseling. In fact, the book can act a lot like a portable marriage counselor, and is more affordable too.

Jared and Mesi James shared some of the secrets of their marriage success, and further details about their book, in the following interview.

Learning about the inspiration for a book can have roots in personal experience. Why did you (Jared and Mesi) decide to write a marriage tips book?

“We decided to write this rules of marriage book to teach other married couples the secret to our successful marriage. We provide tips based off our experiences in our marriage, in an effort to help couples live in harmony. We also wanted to give couples a cheaper alternative to couple’s therapy or marriage counseling.”

Jared and Mesi acknowledged that every marriage faces the same challenges, and that every couple, regardless of background, can benefit from reading their marriage tips book. Are there specific marriage or couple’s issues that young black people face in the world today?

The title is based on marriage from our point of view. Every rule in this book is based off an argument, misunderstanding, or incident we had in our relationship. We wanted to teach couples the steps to avoiding issues or problems, how to deal with issues when they arise, and how to overcome issues to move forward. We are exactly what the title says, however, any relationship can benefit from the rules in this book. Any healthy relationship has to have rules set in order to be successful.”

Jared and Mesi mentioned on their Youtube channel that the word “young” was more in reference to the age of the marriage, rather than the person. Can all couples benefit from this book, even if not young and black?

“All couples can benefit form this book, as well as any type of relationship. All relationships require trust, communication, and boundaries. Problems in marriage do not have an age, race or ethnicity. Anyone interested in or preparing for marriage will learn a great deal from the rules in this book.”

Readers are always interested in authors, and want to learn a bit more about them. Can you tell your readers a bit about your backgrounds?

“Jared is originally from Brooklyn, New York. Mesi was born and raised in Georgia. We met on the Fourth of July 2011. We have been married since June 12, 2012. We started a business together in 2014, James & James, LLC.”

Readers may also be interested in if you have children. Do you talk about children in the book, or will that be another book?

“We do not have children together yet. Jared has 2 daughters, Kelly and Zara James.”

Once people begin writing, they become hooked. Often one book leads to the second one, and beyond. Do you have plans to write new books, as you both progress through your relationship?

“We do have a part two planned for this book but not about children. However, that is a good idea. We have to experience it first and then let you know.”

Learning about how to have a successful marriage with your spouse may be overwhelming. What is the single most important marriage tip to think about everyday?

“One thing that can make a huge difference in your relationship are actually the smallest things like saying, “I love you”, or “Thank you”, or “You look nice”. Yes, We plan to continue to set rules and maintain a relationship. We figured, if it works for us, then it will work for you.”

Now that everyone knows a bit more about your marriage tips book, and how it can help to avoid expensive marriage counseling, readers will be curious as to where they can find it online. Can you tell your readers about the formats available? For example, E-book, printed, Nook, etc.

“We have our book available via digital download or on paperback, at all the major booksellers online or in store. Visit to select a format, such as Kindle or iTunes.”

How can you find out more about the Young, Black & Married book?
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Thank you to Jared and Mesi James for sharing their marriage tips book with us. I wish you both the best in your family life and future business ventures together.