Homeowners can extend the lifespan, prevent costly repairs and improve energy efficiency of their air conditioners with frequent, preventative maintenance.

EDMONTON, AB, April 29, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Just like anything mechanical, air conditioners require regular maintenance to maintain efficiency and to run safely. Failing to clean and service your AC system can result in breakdowns, expensive repairs and the need for untimely replacement.

“There are some things homeowners can do themselves to help extend the life of their AC unit and prevent the need for repairs,” said Nick of Furnace Solutions. “Keeping things clean and calling for annual service are the main things.”

Homeowners can read this air conditioning maintenance checklist for simple do-it-yourself instructions on how to care for their AC unit. The list includes clearing debris around the outside unit, keeping the unit level, cleaning out the evaporator coil, drain pipe and drain pan and changing the air filter on the HVAC system.

A more thorough inspection and technical maintenance service should be conducted by a professional AC technician at least once annually. A professional air conditioner service typically includes a multi-point inspection, clean up and minor repairs of mechanical, electrical and structural components of the system.

“Having your AC inspected by an AC technician each spring can greatly extend the lifespan of the unit. They’ll also check for safety issues and recommend minor repairs and part replacements before those little problems become expensive repairs,” said Nick.

Neglecting maintenance can put strain on the air conditioner, decreasing energy efficiency and its longevity. This will cost more money in energy to run the system and could result in having to repair or replace the air conditioner sooner than necessary.

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