Introducing, Prüvit TV

LOUISVILLE, KY, June 07, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Innovation is the seed of education. Innovation means bringing value to the world; it is a commitment to optimization, and a commitment to charge into the unknown, toward BETTER. Prüvit, the exogenous ketone supplement company, is seeded in the goal of creating its own category, its own design, and in doing this, Prüvit created the Ketone Conversation™ The company created a way for users to take the conversation anywhere, even all the way up, with the launch of Prüvit TV.

Prüvit TV is a platform that features information on the company’s Nutritionally Advanced Technology™ in the form of promotional videos, highlights from Prüvit events, episodes of educational and inspirational content, and even product release information on demand.

90% of life is SHOWING UP and Prüvit continues to exceed expectations. They put users in control of the journey to BETTER with Prüvit TV’s advanced platform enabling users to customize their viewing experience by choosing the type of content they want to see, in addition to providing education.

Many companies in the market follow trends and patterns set by the trailblazers, but those who follow trends lose sight of their end goal––to provide a service to those who are in need. Prüvit continues to optimize with their big-picture view of the health industry. The company understands a need that goes beyond a lifestyle drink and delves into a keto lifestyle because that’s what category kings do––they defy expectations with innovation.

Prüvit modernized the supplement industry with Pure Therapeutic Ketones®. The company continues to excel their bioavailable line of Nutritionally Advanced Technology. With the community as their focus, and through the power of social commerce, Prüvit allows ketone innovation to be within reach. Users are now able to access information at the push of a button with Prüvit TV. Prüvit has a close-knit community of people who care about personal performance. By giving expert guidance for people to walk the path of peak performance and innovation through mind, body, and spirit, Prüvit helps people perform at their own optimum level. So if you’ve been searching for MORE, or if you’re just beginning your journey, just remember, BETTER is within reach.

Prüvit is not just optimizing the body, they’re optimizing lives and how the Ketone Conversation® is shared with others. Join the Ketone Conversation™ today by visiting Gain access to the latest technologies to support your ketogenic lifestyle.

Prüvit’s Pure Therapeutic Ketones® are closest to ketones the body naturally produces, making them bio-readily available for BETTER absorption into the body. KETO//OS® NAT™ is a super-fuel that floods your system with a variety of benefits such as better focus, better mood, more energy, and fat loss. Additionally, it boosts the immune system promoting healthy, total body optimization at a high level. Join the Ketone Conversation™ and order KETO//OS® NAT today by visiting Gain access to the latest technologies that will support your ketogenic lifestyle.

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