John Mini Distinctive Landscapes Explains How Plants Can Help

NEW YORK, NY, July 02, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Mental health is important, to say the least. It’s a part of our lives that needs to be taken seriously, and unfortunately, there are still people today that ignore it. Some see therapists and take medicine, while others find natural ways to help themselves. For example, we all know when you give someone flowers, they feel happy and loved. However, this normally only happens on occasions like birthdays and in congratulatory situations. Why not include plants in your life more often, especially as they are proven to help your mentality.

Stress and anxiety are part of our day-to-day lives. It’s rare to find people that do not experience. All types of plants and flowers are proven to help calm a situation and provide a sense of relaxation. There have been studies that show that patients in the hospital who had plants in their room felt less anxious than those that did not. Also, there were other studies that concluded better recovery with patients that had a natural view outside their window as opposed to a view of a brick wall or buildings.

Another issue that relates to our mental health is lack of sleep. Flowers can actually help you sleep. How many lavender infused lotions and sprays have you seen that aim to help you relax? Or, have you tried the lavender tea yet? This flower can’t exactly cure insomnia, but it can relax you enough to allow you to fall asleep.

Colors can affect your mental state as well. Color theory is real and can impact how you’re feeling. For example, the color red induces hunger and anxiety, whereas yellow and green enhance happiness and calmness. If you’re sensitive to your emotions and surroundings, make sure you’re including specific colored plants that will keep you feeling positive.

When it comes to plants, it’s nice to receive them as a gift, but why wait for an occasion? Attending to a garden is relaxing and helps with your mental stability. Art is an escape from your mind, and gardening is a form of art. While you’re planting or digging, you’re keeping your mind busy, only focusing on your activity. Even something as simple as watering your indoor plants is relaxing and can calm your mind.

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Keep yourself in a positive mood, try to get the recommended amount of sleep, and find a hobby (like gardening) to relax your mind. John Mini Distinctive Landscapes will be happy to create a relaxing landscape at your office for employees to enjoy. Or if you have a residential area that needs a large landscaping job done, we can do that too.

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