Retailers restrict the ability of consumers to purchase armored products to protect themselves and those that they love. Many retailers believe that consumers do not want or need ballistic protection and therefore do not offer armored products.

PROVO, UT, August 02, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — With everyone doing their last minute back-to-school shopping for items like pens, notebooks, backpacks, and designer jeans, there is one thing they are not getting from Amazon and other retailers…. Protection!

On Thursday, February 15th, one day after the Florida School shooting that left 17 dead and many other injured, Amazon decided to no longer allow any sales of armored defensive products. This of course hurt several sellers who had been selling these type of products. Amazon actually “re-classified” these type of products for sale.

It’s interesting to note that Amazon is treating these protective products for our children as if they were “guns”. They put these lightweight bulletproof panels in the same category as armor that police officers and SWAT teams use.

One of these companies caught in Amazon’s reclassification crossfire was Citizen Armor, a Utah based manufacturer of protective armored products for concerned citizens and their families. Citizen Armor had been approved to sell its products for a time on Amazon, and then abruptly was reclassified.

Aaron Gilbert, President of Citizen Armor say’s, “We believe that everyone has the right to protect themselves. We know how much parents fear for their children’s safety, I’m a father of 5, I know!”

Gilbert further says, “We have a passionate desire to protect our precious children. We have directed a lot of our resources in developing products that normal people can use.”

Aaron Gilbert, stated, “It’s too bad that Amazon has to get into the “It will make us LIABLE game”. They have such an opportunity to give people an affordable way to have “Peace of Mind” by offering protective products.”

Citizen Armor has been, and now is active in working with private and public schools nationwide in creating solutions that protect our children. Aaron Gilbert and Citizen Armor are currently helping in the development of curriculum for teachers and other first responders. Citizen Armor has developed security film, ballistic glass (Shield Glass) and opaque armor for buildings and furniture.

About Citizen Armor
The Armored Citizen, LLC with the tradename of “Citizen Armor” manufactures defensive product solutions for individuals of all ages as well as all circumstances. Because of the increasing numbers in active shooter incidents, Citizen Armor has made it a personal mission to develop and provide armored products that can be carried around on a daily basis, yet others have no idea its protective armor.

The ballistic shields, whether as a notebook or a lightweight panel can be inserted easily into a briefcase, backpack or a computer bag to provide the same basic protection that most body armor is made of.

The Citizen Armor shield inserts are built to meet the Level IIIA threat requirements. They have all been tested by independent ballistic lab(s) and you can view the report at

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