NEW YORK, NY, August 27, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Many students graduate from college not knowing what they are going to do next. If they have a job lined up, they are unsure whether it will be the right fit, or they only accepted it because they did not have a lot of options. Most recent graduates think that after college, the normal thing to do is get a 9 to 5 job. However, this is not true.

Madison Rose Dalmaso went to college because society told her that if she didn’t, she would never get a job. But she quickly realized her 30K/year tuition was not helping her figure out what to do with her life afterward. With support from her entrepreneurial parents, she started focusing on cultivating relationships and working on personal development. Her parents always told her, “your network is your net worth.”

“I dove into personal development and began to understand how our minds work, which allowed me to fantasize and start dreaming again. So I began teaching others how they could too! I also opened up my own virtual health and wellness business distributed through network marketing. Following intuition and the guidance of my Dad, I pressed on and built my own empire of people helping people.” Madison remarks.

Through her business, Madison coaches and consults others, as well as provides people a gateway into Entrepreneurship through Network Marketing. Her target audience is recent grads just like her, who are looking for clarity as to what to do next in their lives.

“Service to many leads to greatness. Get busy helping people, and your bank account will reflect riches. I am now focusing on helping young, driven grads escape the 9-5 and begin monetizing their passions, just like I did. Most people don’t seriously ask themselves what they want until a mid-life crisis hits. We need to change that, I’m excited to lead the charge.” Madison emphasizes.

Driven by the need for change when it comes to society’s beliefs about education and long careers with small retirement benefits, Madison helps others who want to figure out what they want. Through this process, she has faced challenges–such as knowing what she wanted herself, and dealing with what people thought of her. Mindset got her through.

“Mindset will decide whether or not your business succeeds or fails. Mindset is everything. If you fail to understand your mind, the smallest bump will throw you off track and you will throw in the towel.” Madison says.

For people who want to start their own business, her advice is to hire a mentor. As a business owner, Madison says her company has at times spent thousands of dollars in the wrong direction. Having coaches in her company, who point out small details, has saved her just as much.

“Do you want a shortcut to success? Seek out people who are doing what you want to do – and ask them how they did it.” Madison adds.

After launching her own platform to do what she wanted, Madison has realized that fear is a made up idea. She says that “Fear is not tangible. Fear is perception. It doesn’t truly exist except inside of your own minds.” Madison argues that fear keeps humans moving, just like tigers kept cavepeople running to survive.

“It was called the spotlight effect and back then it served us well. If we don’t understand fear and how to exploit it, we might just get stuck in what I like to call The Terror Barrier. We might get a really good idea, wonder how it’s going to happen, fear what people might think of us, fear going into debt, and then BAM, back into comfort we go.” Madison says.

Success for Madison Rose Dalmaso is “the continuous pursuit of a worthy idea.” It is not about the money or the education, but the happiness achieved through following your dream. She used to think she could only earn 100K/year, but she started to think differently and is now working on earning 1.3M before she becomes 25. In the meantime, she enjoys her financial freedom and helping others achieve the same.

“For me, financial freedom really just means service to many. The more money I have, the more people I get to serve.” Madison shares.

Madison continues to do what she wants and fulfill her purpose. What comes next for her? She is preparing courses for college grads to help them figure out their purpose and their path after college. In addition, she is working on a podcast and a college speaking tour, hoping to become a world renowned public speaker.

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