Boost your employees’ mood and creativity with beauty

NEW YORK, NY, April 18, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — According to John Mini Distinctive Landscapes, there are many ways to boost creativity and change a mood in an office, but the simplest way is to add plants to the environment. There have been many studies proving that office plants reduce people’s negative feelings, anxiety, and boost energy.

Also, plants impact business success, which in the long run, results in positivity around the office. Plants help the workspace feel more homely and increases its attractiveness, resulting in innovative thinking and creative ideas. Another relaxing result of having plants in the office includes the act of watering them. This act can also help you feel relaxed and reset the mind for the next project.

As far as the types of flowers, there are some that are known for improving moods. Some of these flowers include:

1. Cypress Vine for increased creativity
2. Lavender for enhanced focus
3. Yarrow helps with anxiety

When putting plants around the office and on your desk, keep in mind the science of color. Colors can evoke both emotional and behavioral responses. For example, pink calms people down, orange represents good value, red makes you hungry, and green is linked to broad and creative thinking. Keep in mind the colors you choose!

In addition to the benefits for employees, plants also provide a more welcoming place for clients as well. It is important that your employees feel calm, creative, determined, and happy but you also want your clients to feel welcome and positive as well. Placing plants in the lobby or entryway of your office is a good tactic.

Plants are everywhere and they do more than make the Earth a nicer place. Make your office space a positive, inspiring environment by adding some plants to employees’ desks, hang some from the ceiling, or plant a bunch in a designated area. Your employees and clients will thank you! For more information on plants and landscaping, contact John Mini Distinctive Landscapes today!

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