Why Mulch is Crucial to Your Landscape

NEW YORK, NY, May 14, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — John Mini Distinctive Landscapes believes that when the weather is nice, your landscape should be nice too. One of the best parts of a new and improved outdoor landscape is mulch. It’s obvious that bushes, trees, flowers, and other aspects of landscaping are important, but mulch is sometimes overlooked. Surprisingly, there are many reasons why you should consider mulch for your commercial or residential landscape.

Besides the clean fresh look that it provides, the best part about mulch is its weed control. Once your new distinctive landscape is completed, weeds will begin to creep in and take over your new design. This is where mulch comes in handy. It can hug just about any tree, plant, or flower and will help keep weeds from growing and getting out of control.

In addition to weed control, mulch has the ability to keep your plants cool in the summer. Although most plants love the sun, sometimes summer can be a bit too hot. Mulch will also keep your flowers from dehydrating by retaining moisture in the soil.

Earthworms also like to take advantage of mulched areas. The water retention quality of mulch provides the perfect habitat for these beneficial creatures. According to doityourself.com, earthworms will improve your soil by performing nutrient cycling.

Apart from all of the important uses for mulch, the appearance is one of the most obvious best reasons to utilize it. Mulch comes in a few different colors; shades of brown from light to dark, black, and red. Depending on your landscape, choose the color that would allow the rest of the landscape to ‘pop’. For example, dark mulch hugging bright colored flowers will bring out the colors more, especially the green stems and leaves.

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