Adding a Hint of Tranquility to Your Landscaping

NEW YORK, NY, July 06, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Whatever the current condition of your commercial landscape, installing a water feature can only enhance your surroundings. Not only does it create a relaxing environment, but it will set your business apart from the rest. Should you be interested in introducing a little respite to your commercial landscape, John Mini Distinctive Landscapes can provide you with the information and inspiration to do so.

Relaxing is important, point blank. But finding the time or space to do so is often a struggle. By providing an escape with water elements outside the office, you can help your employees to keep their cool amidst the stressful work week, thereby increasing moral all around.

This is why a water feature included in your landscape is ideal. An idea like a natural rock waterfall in a quiet area with the sound of water trickling down the rocks will instantly calm anyone sitting near it. Surround it with bushes, flowers, and other plants to create a peaceful environment. An atmosphere like this can help boost employee wellness, productivity, creativity, and even help enhance their social abilities.

If you’re going for something more noticeable, a well-designed fountain surrounded by benches and plants will create a zen atmosphere. Depending on the size of your area, you could put in a large, decorative one, or one that is small and simple. Regardless of the size, it will still create a soothing area and serve as a little meet-up spot for the birds. Nature always soothes the mind no matter the type!

Reflecting pools do not create sounds, but they do exude beauty. Surround your reflecting pool with plants and flowers that will mirror onto the water, creating a live work of art. Relax and rejuvenate as you reflect on the deeper meaning of life.

With the warm weather in full force, employees and clients want to enjoy the great outdoors of their offices. Whether that be for a meeting or for lunch, a welcoming area with a water feature in your commercial landscape will provide the necessary environment to do so. Contact John Mini Distinctive Landscapes today to talk about adding a water feature to your area.

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