Janvi Ghatalia Designs - Masaba Lite

Janvi Ghatalia Designs – Masaba Lite

As much as we love the artistry and luxury of fashion, it’s hardly ever easy to find a brand that we can honestly say we’d wear every piece of and even harder to find something we can actually afford. Masaba Lite delivers in both departments, a line that was created to have forward fashion with affordable prices. Masaba Lite is a sub brand of House of Masaba. It was created in early 2014 with the main purpose to have a vibrant, young, peppy line. It is spread across various categories and silhouettes that encompass a young girls life.

Janvi Ghatalia was one of the designers that made Masaba lite come to life, from the start process of developing the brands idea and image, Janvi created the dynamic and idiosyncratic graphics and prints for all the garments and accessories. Ms. Ghatalia was also in charge of designing the garments that were produced for the launch of Masaba Lite setting a stage for coming years of the brands success. Janvi made it possible for a 2D sketch to turn into a 3D garment for Masaba Lite, from choosing fabrics, colors, textures and making sure the fit is correct. During the launch, Janvi was also the lead stylist for the photo-shoot that started this sub brand.

The bright and bold prints and silhouettes have us hooked and we just can’t seem to get enough. Janvi Ghatalia is a talented designer that has innovated new style and fashion in India, her growth over the past few years has been incredible and we cant wait to see what’s task Ms. Ghatalia takes on next.