PARIS, FRANCE, April 19, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Huitres Amélie has won the gold medal of the French competition Concours Général Agricole for the best oyster in the category Spéciale de Claire of the region Poitou-Charentes. Since 1870, this competition has been rewarding the best French products to promote producers’ know-how in France and internationally.

Amelie oysters is an emblematic brand of the Marennes-Oléron area, in Charente-Maritime. Its oysters are appreciated around the world for their unique and delicate flavor.

Grown in a priviledged area

Located 150 km north of Bordeaux, on the Atlantic coast, Marennes-Oléron is the main oyster producing region in France. The history goes back to the Roman Era, when the richest families would import oysters to dress their banquets. The region is bathed by the Seudre and Charente rivers which makes it a great Terroir for oysters to naturally grow and breed abundantly. In this idyllic environment, was introduced oyster farming. Succeeding to setle in natural oyster beds. High nutrient inputs and superior sub-seabed structure make Marennes-Oléron’s oysters such an exquisite and consistent product. With a genuine passion for the product and great savoir-faire laying upon tradition, Marennes-Oléron farmers obtained in 2009 the prestigious IGP. Being the only region benefitting from this indication for oyster production.

A brand of international standing

Amélie was born in 2015, and its business has grown steadily as the restaurant industry recognized its quality and thanks to a modern and innovative vision brought by its president Juan Carlos Piñeiro.

Amélie also runs its own points of sale, such as the La Boquería market in Barcelona, or Restaurant Amélie, in the prestigious Place de la Madeleine in Paris. Focused almost entirely on oysters, the place offers a delicate combination of tradition and modernity.

The gold medal at the 2019 Concours Général Agricole is not the only reward for Amélie. In 2016, the jury of the prestigious British Guild of Fine Food recognizes the remarkable quality of Spéciale de Claire oysters and rewarded it with a Golden Fork, highest distinction of the annual Great Taste Award competition.

Building on these successes, Juan Carlos Piñeiro’s brand is at the forefront of the international haute cuisine market.

Amélie is specialized in the production and commercialization of outstanding oysters “Fine de Claire” and “Spéciale Fine de Claire” Marennes Oléron. According to the International experts and gourmets, one of the best oysters in the world. Through a demanding qualitative production process and a selective and exclusive network, we distribute our Oysters Amélie.

Amelie satisfies the palates of connoisseurs and gourmets as well as the debutants, bringing you a privileged savouring and unique experience.

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