This detailed article has been meticulously put together to provide in-depth information for consumers on CBD vape juice use.

TORONTO, ON, June 27, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — has created an in-depth article on choosing the best CBD vape juice. The piece lists various CBD vape juice benefits as well as basic information on production procedures, quality standards and effects.

It also deals in-depth with the results of recent clinical data reviews on CBD and provides report excerpts and findings.

According to Luka Petkovic, editor in chief at Greencamp: “CBD use has been booming in US and Canada over the last few years and this resource has been long in the making. We take great pride in objectively educating our readers on various topics and this CBD vape juice piece does exactly that. It aims to provide a reliable resource both for purchase and for various use scenarios.” is creating cannabis and CBD related content based on objective and well researched information with a long term vision to create a recognized encyclopedia type resource supported through digital experiences.

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