NAVASOTA, TX, September 24, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — SUPER FULLERENE SUPPLY LLC, announced that a proprietary process that yields an ultra-pure, carbon molecule for greater bioavailability of fullerenes has been developed. The new structure features multi-layered concentric shells nested around a C60 core. However, instead of providing only 60 carbon atoms, the Super Fullerene material delivers several million carbon atoms per molecule.

“We found a way to nest fullerene shells with anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five units fused into a linear or branched polymer chain. This breakthrough means that you can get a significantly greater fullerene carbon count and activity in a single fullerene molecule,” stated Chief Organic Chemist Tom Bailey PhD.

Additionally, the super fullerene material is packed into a convenient capsule of powdered oil. This innovation offers a cleaner, easier and more portable way to dose C60. GRAFEX® SUPER FULLERENE provides the next generation of Fullerene in a clean, easy to ingest, coconut oil powder-based capsule. Packing up to fifty million carbon atoms in a single molecule, GRAFEX® SUPER FULLERENE provides extreme athletes, seniors and those impacted by oxidative stress with the most powerful antioxidant available today.

GRAFEX® is distributed by Super Fullerene Supply LLC and available for purchase at

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