New Tee Time App Development ensures golfers spend more time playing and less time waiting.

DALLAS, TX, June 13, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — After a long hard week working the 9-5 grind, most golfers are just wanting a hassle-free day on the green without a lot of waiting around. Unfortunately, it’s hard to look forward to a leisurely day on the course with friends, when you have the looming fact that “waiting” during your initial tee time is likely going to be part of that process. Most golfers will agree that is the ultimate buzz kill for this sport.

Traditional tee time booking sites all seem to be in a race to the bottom, as to who can offer golfers the lowest priced golf rounds possible. What golfers have been missing is that low priced offerings and randomly selected times almost always land them into a crowded experience. What if there was a way for golfers to search tee times based on experience and enjoy-ability rather then just blindly securing low priced times?

Like most folks, Tyler New and Scott Hunt, Frisco-area real estate professionals, only had one day per week to get out and enjoy their beloved sport. They set out one bright Sunday afternoon in 2016 on an enjoyable mission. They checked the various tee websites, calling clubhouses for verbal confirmations of crowding conditions, barely any answered if at all. They drove to the ones who didn’t pick up the phone, only to find a crush of golfers vying for tee times. The wait time was simply too lengthy to consider. Finally, they landed at the seventh course on their journey, only to find the course practically deserted. How could this little gem not have been the first option on their list of prospects? Why wasn’t there something available that golfers could utilize to optimize their experience in real time? That is when inspiration struck like a lightning bolt. The two friends spent the day golfing and brainstorming on a golfing concept that would soon change the industry.

That round of golf in 2016 gave birth to WIDE OPEN TEE. This ingenious app developed by Tyler and Scott, took 2.5 years to develop. It has undergone extensive testing and computing, all comprised of bi-metric formulas and state-of-the-art technology with A.I. driven results. The app has a Non-provisional US Patent Pending – Utility product. The app allows golfers to check tee and play times of local courses in real time. It truly will change the way golfers choose their courses. “If given the chance, we believe golfers would focus less on the “discounted” tee times and focus more on the experience ahead. After all, saving time is saving money and there is no price on a memorable experience,” said Tyler New, Founder and CEO.

This upcoming Father’s Day weekend will see the national marketing launch for this local company. The Founders of Wide Open Tee have partnered with major industry leaders to give them the much-needed leverage during the nationally televised PGA U.S. Open in Pebble Beach, California. You will soon be seeing Wide Open Tee ads throughout the season on television during major tournaments and in the industry trade print periodicals, online, and sports talk golf radio. You can learn more about Wide Open Tee by visiting their web site.

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