We already supply leading brands such as Acuvue Oasys 12 Package and 24 Packs at up to 70% off. Now you and your friends can receive an additional 15% off your contact lens purchases.

VANCOUVER, BC, June 26, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Fresh Lens of Vancouver, B.C. has just released its new referral program. The program gives referred friends 15 percent off their products. When they purchase, the friend who referred them also gets 15 percent off their order. The program extends to all of Fresh Lens’s products. With brands like Acuvue, Bausch and Lomb, Biofinity, and Biotrue, there isn’t much to lose when customers purchase here. Contact lens coupon codes are available when customers sign up for the program on the website.

Fresh Lens delivers products monthly, weekly, and daily for its customers. The idea behind the product at this company is that the disposable lenses are just off the rack, reducing product degradation. This increases the moisture available to they eye and helps ensure that the contact is correcting vision optimally. Some people use disposable lenses every day, some weekly, and some monthly. Fresh Lens provides for all of these types of lenses and fills the order with well-known brands.

Correcting vision can be difficult. Sometimes glasses are too bulky or hard to keep clean. Some contacts are not cut exactly to the shape of the eye, or they dry out too quickly. People may love the corrective quality of hard lenses, but they may not be able to keep them clean and scratch-free long enough to get their money’s worth.

Using just-off-the-shelf contacts is one of the best ways to make sure that they eye stays hydrated and the contact stays clean. Not much can get stuck on the contact if there is only a day to a month’s usage in between lens changes. With traditional contacts, the lenses last longer than a month and can accidentally break as people try to squeeze them out of the eye. They also collect residue through use and are prone to scratching from very fine dirt and salt as the user scrubs them.

It often seems that no matter how careful someone is while scrubbing traditional lenses, the lens inevitably becomes scratched. Too many scratches render the lens useless. Disposable contact lenses are invariably cleaner and safer for the eye. They do not collect rough edges or develop hard spots, which can both impair vision and damage they eye at worst. At best, rough spots and dents are an irritant that people just don’t have time for.

Contact lens coupon codes are a great way to save on contacts. While disposable lenses have become more and more affordable as they technology progresses, coupon codes are always a welcome thing! Coupon codes for many contact brands are available through Fresh Lens’s new referral program, and customers will find something for just about everyone as they browse Fresh Lens’s myriad of options.

The website has much more information on each brand, although many people get a brand recommendation from their optometrist. There are at least 20 brands available at any given time, though usually much more are there for purchase. Fresh Lens seeks to provide its customers with the most comfortable and effective contact lenses they can get, bringing them the best in lens technology and fit.

Every brand has its specialty. With technological innovation from companies coming out nearly as often as possible, contact lens coupon codes are a great way to try out different lenses if customers haven’t found their fit yet. Some brands specialize in certain types of corrective lenses like bifocals or extreme prescriptions, while others aim for extreme comfort. Innovation even extends to working with the natural biology of the user’s eye to reduce irritation and preserve moisture.

Whatever a customer may need, they will find a wide range of options available from Fresh Lens. With the new referral program, they can save room in their budget to try out some new and improved lenses from recognized brands if the want.

While some referral programs have a lot of fine print, this one is fairly simple to use. Users simply sign up using the form on the website at https://www.canadiancontactlenses.com/pages/referral-program. Fresh Lens will send the referred friend a discount code and one for the referrer when the friend purchases.

There are really no gimmicks here. With new lenses coming out all the time, users are sure to enjoy the benefits of getting 15 percent off virtually every recognized brand available.

Of course, the obvious question is whether customers get to stack coupon codes here. The referrer does get to stack coupon codes. If they refer more than one friend, they get 15 percent off for each friend. Theoretically, customers could get an order of lenses for free.

While costumers are shopping for lenses, they should check out Fresh Lens’s options for delivery. It’s easy to get stuck into a routine with lenses. Customers may feel that they have as good as it gets when it comes to their vision. But checking out different options can be easier than people might think when it comes to subscription lenses if they shop at Fresh Lens. If customers have never tried getting daily lenses or weekly lenses, they may find the right option for them at Fresh Lens. Getting lenses daily or weekly is as easy as filling out an order form.

Lastly, customers may be asking about decorative lenses. Fresh Lens does carry colored lenses with and without prescriptions. Customers can enjoy the flexibility of a new eye color whether they need corrective lenses or not with the options on this website. Colors come in a large range, from special hues like purple to everyday colors like blue or green. Colored lenses are a great way to dress up for parties or just play around with an overall look. However, some brands also offer costume lenses like animal or vampire eyes, which may be available at different times of the year.

Fresh Lens is a Vancouver, B.C. company that provides subscription lenses delivered to the customer’s door.

Contact Fresh Lens 5683 West Blvd., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6M 3W7 via phone 1-877-887-6545 or visit us at https://www.canadiancontactlenses.com

Fresh Lens is located in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. We’ve been supplying contact lenses in Canada for over 20 years – human years that is. Our goal is to bring you the leading contact lens brands in the industry at the best prices.

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