If the convenience of daily disposable contacts appeals to you, clariti™ 1 day lenses are an excellent choice—whether you’re new to contact lenses or want to switch from your current lenses to healthy advantages of silicone hydrogel.

VANCOUVER, BC, May 22, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Clariti has recently birthed the newest addition to its contact lens family: Clariti 1 Day Lenses. These lenses were created using the finest technology to maintain moisture and give your eyes that ongoing fresh feel.

The common issues that many contact lens wearers encounter include discomfort, lack of oxygen to the eyes, and maintaining clean lenses. Finding contact lenses that meet and suit all of your essential needs can be difficult. Yet, with Clariti 1 Day Lenses, an overall solution has arrived that erases the complexities of wearing contact lenses by meeting the essential needs of its wearers.

The world of contact lenses has officially changed with this new product. We are now able to wear contact lenses without the headache of being uncomfortable or having itchy, dry eyes due to hours of wearing our contact lenses. Now, we can wear contact lenses that endure throughout the day, so much so that we may not even realize at times that we even have them on.

The technology used to create these lenses is called AquaGen™, which locks in water molecules within the contacts. This helps the contacts to retain moisture and eliminate dryness of the eyes throughout the day. The benefit of the silicone hydrogel material is that it allows oxygen to be transmitted to the cornea of the eye, which makes it breathable. This keeps your vision fresh and allows your eyes to maintain their natural feel.

The invention of contact lenses brought about the revolution of enjoying improved vision without the aid of physical glasses. In addition to this revolution, Clariti 1 Day Lenses gives you the joy of lasting comfort. Simultaneously, you can enjoy the benefits of a fresh pair of contacts to wear each morning while also keeping your eyes comfortable and moist all day. These contacts have such a light and natural wear that it may slip your mind that your wearing contacts at all. In a revolutionary way, your vision maintains its clarity while you keep up with your daily routine.

Each box contains 30 lenses. The silicone hydrogel’s soft and clingy material helps to ensure a smooth, secure fit for your eyes. In addition to comfort, of course, there is the benefit of convenience with a new set of contacts for each day of the month. This removes the thought process that often goes into contact lens maintenance which typically comes along with other brands on the market. With this new brand, basically, all you have to do is open the box, apply them, and go.

These new lenses are great for people on the go who may not have the time to devote to a regular routine of cleaning lenses or upkeeping a single pair over long periods of time. The great thing about these lenses is that instead of taking time away from your schedule, they can help you add to it. In this way, whether you are looking for an upgrade or something new, you will likely find that these contacts are a great fit for you.

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