NEW YORK, NY, August 23, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Finding the right clothes with the right fit can be a nightmare. It can be especially difficult for men, given that basics are rarely designed for them. ESNTLS, a brand created by Instagram influencer Jose Zuniga, is revolutionizing the way men dress and style themselves. Zuniga identified the problem men faced when it came time to shop for new clothes, and jumped on the opportunity to offer customers a basics line that men can feel confident wearing.

The initial goal for this fast growing brand was to design the perfect T-shirt, which could fit well and would not shrink after one wash. After much trial and error, they came up with a one of a kind bamboo/cotton blend that you cannot find anywhere else. Their T’s feel as soft as silk, and they are tailored cut to enhance men’s best features, in order to make them look more muscular. On top of perfecting the fit and feel, their unique fabric blend is designed to eliminate shrinkage so you can have a perfect T-shirt that actually lasts!

From the fit to the fabric used, ESNTLS is uniquely designed to offer the very best to their customers. Their fitting process includes making multiple samples until they come up with the perfect fit to enhance a man’s body. “For example, the sleeves on all our garments always sit right above the start of the tricep head. This is to expose your triceps (your largest muscle in your arm ) making your arms look bigger and more muscular,” shares Jose Zuniga, the founder of the brand.

They also focus on the chest, stomach, shoulders, and thighs, in order to guarantee that their garments hide what men feel most insecure about. Their fabric is something they pride themselves on. “We blend cotton with special fabrics like tencel to create a high performance blend that makes our garments more breathable, comfortable, and naturally antibacterial to fight odors,” shares Zuniga.

ESNTLS has created a unique concept. They understand the way men think,.They also understand that men often don’t like the fuss related to fashion or having to think too much about the clothes they wear. ESNTLS simplifies the process and makes it easy for men to mix and match outfits that fit well and are perfectly styled.

ESNTLS is able to separate itself from other fashion brands that have been in the market longer due to their smarter marketing. Since they are a brand started by influencers, they have a clear understanding on how the marketing scene has changed.

“Traditional marketing does not have the reach, conversion, and influence that a social media personality has. By folding the online space with organic helpful content produced by influencers through which they also promote essentials, we can get the word out faster and more consistently to our target demographic of 18-30 than traditional brands,” says Zuniga.

While traditional brands are still promoting on billboards and 6 figure commercials that no one is watching, ESNTLS has hundreds of influencers working with them across all major social media platforms, as well as podcast shows that promote the brand.

Keeping up with growth hasn’t been easy for the brand. Since their start, they have been blowing up fast, moving more and more products every launch. They are constantly expanding their warehouse. Currently, they are building out an almost 20,000 sq ft. facility to help ease the need for space given the mass popularity of the brand.

ESNTLS will launch a new campaign on August 24th. If you’re looking to upgrade your look their 7th collection will be dropping November 23rd. Finally, they will be having their massive, once a year sale in December.

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