Tb points are the world’s most unbiased, accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date wine points.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 24, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Robert Parker has been the most respected and influential wine critic in the world for the past thirty years. He has influenced the desirability of wines, the selling prices of the wines and also the way wine is made. Now that Parker has announced being officially retired, dozens of wine critics compete to become next Parker. The throne of the most influential wine critic is empty after Parker. The question is – will there be another Parker and if so who?

To assess that the BWW 2018 – The Best Wine of the World -competition organized a voting for the world’s best wine critics. The 50 most famous wine critics were enrolled in the voting. They received over 250,000 votes from wine professionals around the world. The competition was tight, as only 800 votes separated the most voted critic from the tenth most voted one.

The BWW competition takes place in the world’s largest wine information service, Tastingbook.com. According to the founder and CEO of Tastingbook, Pekka Nuikki, the service was founded in 2012 for the belief that “in the future one thousand wine specialists’ tasting views have more importance than one wine specialist’s. At that time, we did not believe, nor did we want, after Parker, that any individual wine critic to have the same power as he had. The autocracy flourished in the 18th century, and even though Parker was the Sun King of his time, there is no place for a similar monarch in the wine world of the 21st century,” Nuikki comments.

Nuikki announces that time for dictatorship of one wine critic is over as Tastingbook.com has launched a comprehensive wine point system, called Tb points, that bases on algorithm that does not only take into account all points given to wines by the best wine critics, but also the general vintage quality of the region where the wine comes from plus the quality factor of the producer.

Tb points are formed from following factors:

– 50 of the best-known wine critics. The Tastingbook search engine retrieves the wine points published by the critics on the pages of wine shops and wineries.

– Tastingbook’s wine reviews of thousands of wine professionals and users. Then the algorithm of the Tastingbook calculates the average of the both points with emphasis on professionals.

– The quality of the vintage. The Tastingbook algorithm compares the development of the wine points of the respective vintages for the past 50 years and calculates the point factor for the year.

– The reputation of the winery. The Tastingbook algorithm compares the winery’s ability to produce top wines over the past 50 years to other wineries and calculates a point factor for the winery.

– In the Tastingbook, the points of wines are updated in seconds, whenever they get new reviews.

– To get Tb points, a wine must have at least five professional reviews. (The most popular wines in the Tastingbook include over 100 wine reviews by professionals.)

“So, the Tastingbook algorithm forms the Tb points from the average points of 50 most well-known wine critics, the average score of thousands of wine professionals, the quality of the vintage and the winery track record according to the price given to its wines. It is hard, if impossible, to create as unbiased, accurate, comprehensive and most up-to-date wine evaluation tool available to consumers and professionals,” Nuikki sums.

Thanks to Tastingbook and its comprehensive wine points, wine merchants and wineries are no longer required to publish dozens, often significantly different, wine critics’ points, because Tb points contain everything they need in one note and much more.

When you need the most accurate and comprehensive, up-to-date, fully impartial wine evaluation, Tb points is the only one that offers it. Tb points are freely available to everyone and can be downloaded from the Tastingbook.com winery pages with just one click. We believe that knowledge is power, but it should belong to everyone!

Tastingbook.com is an unbiased, non-commercial, and ad-free service that is free to everyone.

Tastingbook is created by FINE – the world’s leading Fine Wine magazines and thousands of wine professionals and wineries from over 60 countries.

Tastingbook started in 2015 and have today over million pages of wine information and have had over 50 millions page views since then. Over 8000 wine professionals from 69 countries are keeping it updated.

In Tastingbook you will find the most up-to-date tasting reports virtually from every major tastings from all around the world.

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