NEW YORK, NY, October 07, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Throat—blistered. Body—frail. Life expectancy—less than a year and losing pounds by the day. This was Carl Forshage’s reality before recovering from stage IV throat cancer and realizing his miraculous solution was right before his eyes—Eggs 24/7.

Eggs 24/7 was founded by Carl Forshage in 2009 and is now one of the largest California-based egg manufacturing companies that distributes egg product to food manufacturing facilities across the nation. After overcoming cancer, he decided that he’d expand his business to sell directly to consumers, naming the company Egg Whites 24/7 and sharing his story to remission and recovery.

Because radiation in combination with throat cancer stifled Forshage’s ability and desire to eat, his only solution was to consume them directly as a drink. Egg Whites 24/7 was born as an all natural egg-white, bio-available product that is safe to drink straight from the container.

“I started drinking egg whites to get protein and help the weight stay on me and it worked,” Forshage said. “The weight stopped falling off.”

Recovering from the disease was a medical miracle that compelled Forshage to continue making an impact in the egg industry.

Egg Whites 24/7 is the first of its kind egg white delivery company. Available around the clock, whether it be to consumers or business facilities across the nation. Forshage was inspired to help other individuals fighting for their health by creating a product backed by quality and clean manufacturing practices consumers can trust.

Forshage dedicated a proportionate amount of time in the last decade supplying consumer demand with egg whites in the west coast. He differentiates himself from his competitors by always bringing in product and manufacturing in the most urgent of times, hence 24/7.

Since its inception, Eggs 24/7 has served millions of pounds of eggs for the past few years to the biggest restaurants and commercial facilities in the US and is a positive contribution to California’s egg deficit—creating a local source of egg products.

Overcoming cancer has altered Forshage’s perspective, that requires an “all in” mentality. Forshage seeks to help those in need by offering a free supply of food to keep those enduring the journey of cancer survival alive and strong.

“I had a really unique experience with surviving throat cancer. If you have cancer and are losing weight, I’d love for you to get a hold of me and talk to me.” -Carl Forshage.


Forshage graduated from Texas A&M in 1980 with a degree in mechanical engineering during the nation’s oil boom. He went on to pursue a career in the oil consulting industry gathering years of experience before starting the lucrative business venture in the egg industry.

Carl is also an expert consultant in food manufacturing and processing facilities all over the country and has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world.

If you are looking to speak with him, he is available online at his website. For more information on Carl Forshage please click here.

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