The raven-haired wordsmith, Dr Nirvadha Singh aka Doctor N, had recently updated her Facebook Fan page with a post that read, ‘Smile…whether you walk through a rainbow or the rain…Keep smiling…Keep shining’. Within days, the post went viral as fans poured in their love to the genius doctor, genius as in author, doctor, editor, scriptwriter and poet. Yes, while most of us grapple with one task, this brilliant beauty is a multi-tasked woman who has a charismatic smile which can light up a room. Dressed in a white T-shirt and red jumper, Doctor N sported a charming smile as she sat on the top of a Ferris wheel.

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She also posted an awesome video for her fans wishing them for the New Year ahead.  The cool video shows the ever so cool simple star in the moving Ferris wheel as scenes from a Durban theme park was captured. Doctor N is known to have a daring edge to her as her fan club, Nirvadha Singh Official Fan Group, previously posted a picture of her sandboarding in the golden dunes of Dubai.

Daring doctor takes Dubai’s golden sand dunes on

[Daring doctor takes Dubai’s golden sand dunes on]

Close sources have revealed that Doctor N will be producing her first movie with a team of writers who graduated with her last year.  The movie will be focused around pertinent social issues within South Africa and is headed by South African script Guru, Mr Ben Johnson, who happens to be Doctor N’s lecturer. Simultaneously, the simple celebrity has been updating her status hash tagging You, The Journey Begins II. Last year May, saw the release of the first book of the ‘You’ series and fans are now awaiting the second book. Whatever it might be, be sure to stay tuned as we bring you the latest on our fresh new simple star.

By Gloria Evans (BLMedia)