Santa Lucia Pizza wins this year it’s 13 Consumer Choice Award.

WINNIPEG, MB, April 29, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — As one of the owners, Greg Simeonidis is responsible for the company operations. Santa Lucia Pizza is a company specialized in Italian & Greek Cuisine, servicing the Winnipeg region.

What does being a Consumer Choice Award winner mean to you? How did winning the Consumer Choice Award impact your business?
We are very proud to know that Winnipegger’s have recognized our company’s efforts to consistently produce high-quality foods and services. We are honoured to have received the Consumers Choice Award 13 years in a row for recognizing our dedication and hard work. The award allows customers (especially new ones) to gain trust in our company. How can you resist eating “award-winning pizza”?

What are the “core values” of your organization?
Value – We are dedicated to providing 360-value by delivering the highest quality foods, great portions and excellent service in a way that is convenient, accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Serving up happiness to our customers is what it’s all about.

Quality & Consistency – Our family heritage recipes have been passed down and successfully used for over 40 years. We use the same great recipes today and never compromise on quality.

People – It is our objective to enrich our customers and employees lives. We treat everyone like family at our own dinner table and we strive to provide the best working environment possible. We have always been an equal opportunity employer.

Community – We’ve always believed in being good to your neighbours and working together as a community. We’ve made helping those in need an ongoing priority by partnering with local radio stations and creating our new charity pizzas where a portion of the proceeds is donated to local charities.

Understanding – knowledge is key. By listening carefully to what our customers, suppliers and employees have to say, it allows us to gain a better understanding of where to focus our efforts.

Name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you? How did this person impact your life?
Our parents who founded Santa Lucia Pizza made the biggest impact on us that anyone could ask for. They taught us what real hard work and dedication looked like. We are fortunate for the opportunity to continue our family’s heritage. It is our mission to follow in their footsteps by using the tools they provided, especially our award-winning family recipes.

What is the next priority for your business?
Ensuring the next generation(s) will be able to enjoy our food for years to come. Eventually, we will have to pass the torch and want our traditions to live on for years to come.

How do you keep up with the trends in your industry?
We analyze the market on a regular basis, recognizing that not every trend sticks. Some things – like pizza, are timeless (and we wouldn’t alter our 40-year-old recipes), so it’s really a matter of how we reach our clientele. Many consumers today are found online, so we stay relevant to our social media presence and are working towards launching an online ordering system.

What is the most recent example of how you have exceeded your client’s expectations on a job?
We are often very connected to our clientele and as a result, we learn a lot about each other. We have customers who are supporters of the Gifts of Grace Mission whose mandate is “to provide food, friendship and compassion to our homeless friends in Winnipeg.” We decided to tag along to see what Santa Lucia Pizza could contribute toward the cause. SLP now donates and personally delivers pizzas to the Gifts of Grace Mission on every first Monday of each month.

What gets you out of bed every day?
My alarm clock!

Where is your dream vacation destination/place?
To travel the world and experience the cuisine of all different cultures.

What was the best compliment you’ve received?
From the restaurants’ point of view, winning the CCA award 13 years in a row is hard to top.
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